21 July 2011

Neil Etheridge , on bench for Fulham tonight !

Neil Etheridge was on bench for Fulham FC tonight in European League qualifier against Crusaders from Northern Ireland.

Fulham won 4-0 and advanced to next round.

BBC Sport

Wonder if he really will be travelling to Kuwait tomorrow and play Kuwait next day ?

Update :

Fulham face RNK Split from Croatia on 28. July in next round. Neil may not be playing in Manila ?


  1. Interesting. Well, he's usually one of the players that arrives late for games. So definitely still likely he'll go but also likely he won't.

  2. Fulham will take play away in either Slovenia or Croatia on 28 July before returning to Craven Cottage on 4 August.

  3. It will be RNK Split from Croatia. If Fulham want him to be a sub there too he will miss the match in Manila..

  4. Told you he will be arriving jonny;

    acebright patrick ace
    done with emails,going to bed now.long day later, manager's meeting & picking up @Neil38Etheridge at the airport. good night and good day :)
    2 hours ago

  5. Neil :"Such a beautiful day in london town! Hasn't been like this in ages" (Twitter 2 mins ago.)

  6. Maybe Neil has abandoned us thanks to all the controversies.
    Paul Weiler - 1, PFF - 0. Ok Paul we make you Europe consultant. Fuck.

  7. it will not affect him if there is no issue... True - Fuck talaga si Weiller , but the blind issue came out long before his blog.

    Anyway "walang kaso" walang "complain" , walang "demanda" ... Tapos na yan , football na lang ang pag-usapan.

    to Neil...Just Play football , you are not a young boy anymore , let the Filipino see how strong a man you are...

    As the Song of K'naan goes...
    "When I get older , I will be stronger , they'll call me freedom just like a wavin' flag"