28 July 2011

Malditas at Rizal

Message from Malditas (Philippines Women`s NT) :

"Come visit the MALDITAS before the AZKALS game. We will have a booth along the Adriatico entrance of RIZAL. Harap ng MACDO Harrison Plaza! The MALDITAS will be there to support the AZKALS!"


  1. Bitches supporting street dogs.... how fitting... pfff.

  2. Better go to Rizal now and entertain the Kuwaitis ...

    Feeling niyo sikat kayo , kapal talaga ng mukha niyo. Bano naman kayo.

    Wala na ba kayong maisip na iba pa , para magpapansin. Why don't you just watch the game and stay on low profile.

  3. Agreed. Dapat mag low profile nalang yung mga baduy na malditas na yan. Malditas pa kasi ang nickname ampota. O kaya, dapat hindi nalang sila pumunta! haha

  4. sana nilangaw ang booth niyo,
    sama siguro ng loob niyo at naka score ang

    admit it your one of the Azkals haters . support pa daw ... mind you marami sila noon win or lose.

    as for you ... you better support your ass.

  5. What is the problem? When I was at the SEA Games, I saw the men's team cheering on the women and the women cheering on the men. These comments are bizarre to me. Why on earth should the WNT keep a low profile? This is not Afghanistan. The RP is trying to be a modern democracy. I sometimes wonder how some people get internet access from their cave.

  6. Malditas are standing outside the stadium with their T-Shirts "Malditas" on not even AZKAL T-shirt... if they want to support , they have to go inside and "cheer" for the Azkals.

    Who are they promoting or supporting ... themselves or the Azkals ?

    They are not cheering for the Azkals , they are just standing there like models. waiting for people to notice them . That is really Bizarre!

    They know fairly well that this is Philippines and 90% of the spectators and fans going to Rizal are supporting the Azkals... I hope they got some Kuwaitis to support the Azkals, at least their booth will serve a purpose.

    Who said this is Afghanistan , masyado na ba silang discriminated , when people tell them to be on a low profile , for this crucial game against Kuwait. Binandera nila ang sarili nila doon na parang sila ang maglalaro against Kuwait, is it fair and how cheap is your definition of modern democracy.For me this pure and simple Idiosyncrasy.

    Tell us , how many support did they get for the Azkals , i bet you they will say all of them (obviously)... what kind of support did they do , did they give any tickets to poor people who want to watch the game but cant afford to. did they thank the fans and give them some memento for the game. what did they do for support...what is their role there , did they even watch the game ???

    Ikaw ang mamundok dahil utak tuko ka !!! in fairness ha may value na ngayon ang tuko...

  7. Cheap Cheap Cheap Horay !!! ---- what a way to cheer...

  8. How sad to read these comments. Why are you people arguing about this? First of all, I think they have every right to be there to promote themselves. That shouldn't be a problem not unless they disrupted the game or something. Secondly, this is your WNT for crying out loud!!! Oh yeah I forgot this is the Philippines. They only support a bunch who gets recognition or gets noticed by the foreigners first. Just like how the Azkals were until they got noticed internationally after beating Vietnam. How sad...

  9. Sad to read these comments. I know some of the Malditas personally and all the negative things you guys said are just very hurtful.

    Azkals or Malditas, they're both representing the same country. So why hate?

    But hey, everyone's entitled to their own opinions, however STUPID and MINDLESS and SENSELESS it may be; speaking without thinking and not knowing a thing.

    You say all these negative things about them but I tell you this, someday, it might not be tomorrow or next month or next year but SOMEDAY, you'll be cheering their names and I hope you remember all the shit you've said here.

  10. KAYA HINDI UMAASENSO ANG BANSA NATIN EH. daming haters. Support your own!!!! Kung feeling niyo mas magaling kayo, eh di mag try out kayo and prove them wrong. SIMPLE ENOUGH??? ang yayabang niyo. GRABE.

  11. "Kung feeling niyo mas magaling kayo, eh di mag try out kayo and prove them wrong. SIMPLE ENOUGH??? ang yayabang niyo. GRABE."


  12. how can you try out with this malditas , eh they brush off real players that they think would be a potential threat to them.

    kung hindi inn sa circle of friends nila , eh sorry ka na lang. they are the ones choosing their own.

    dapat pakialaman na ito ng PFF- get worthy players , give chance to other good players that can really play for the WNT.

    and maybe soon the whole philippines will be cheering for them. There will be a time for the Malditas to shine.

    If people are putting the discriminatory comments on this blog is because they felt that the Malditas are pushing themselves inn .Compare it to an unripened fruit being forced to be eaten kahit hilaw pa.

    You should Take all this comment and criticism as objectively and positively as possible. Play your game right and be good at it ... you will be there soon!

    We don't Hate Malditas as people , We hate the situations they are creating. Yes you are the WNT and you are representing OUR Country ,kaya may pakialam at karapatan ang bawat pilipino to comment on your actions. Kung sa palagay nila pangit ang ginagawa niyo , you should make room for acceptance and change.

  13. Why don't you get noticed and do your thing internationally !!! or even locally !!!

    Kahit si Pacman , dumaan din diyan... there is no instant fame , lahat pinaghihirapan.

    As quoted:
    "I think they have every right to be there to promote themselves."
    (A total contradiction to your real motive of supporting the Azkals), so you admitted they are there to promote themselves.

    Sana Iniba niyo na lang ang Post Niyo.

    Come and see the Malditas before the Azkals because we are promoting ourselves that PFF cannot do for us. We haven't proven anything yet and are not recognized internationally like azkals , but someday you will be cheering our names and you will eat all the shit that you STUPID , SENSELESS , MINDLESS people said to us.

    We hope all this things will happen to prove we are wrong. We can readily accept our mistake and error. So what will you do to this bloggers who hated you, let them eat shit... baka wala ng manood sa inyo kahit na your winning dahil sa takot.

    Be humble, Huwag masyadong Mayabang . Assess your attitude , as well as your capability and capacity as the WNT. If you need support from other women players , invite them in or scout around to get the necessary reinforcement. And Don't forget to always Keep your feet on the Ground ... then you can KICK BALLS... okey

    Learn from Pacman

  14. "Just like how the Azkals were until they got noticed internationally after beating Vietnam. How sad... "

    At least they beat Vietnam ... How about you i believe you got 0 vs Vietnam that scored 12 goals. That is more sad...

  15. It's very amusing reading these kinds of comments from our very own fellow Filipinos. Really. I mean, seriously, the least you can do is support your very own country. Malditas doesn't ask for the crazy attention you guys give to the Azkals. In order to actually get to how the Azkals are right now, Malditas has to work for it- and still has a long way to go. That, they understand. And that, they hopefully ask for their fellow Filipinos to understand. Yea, maybe the statement posted sounded cocky to some, but its intentions are innocent. Still disagree? You can't please everybody, anyway.

  16. Beating Vietnam was a fantastic result for the men's team. just as beating teams like Singapore, Indonesia, and Hong Kong were great for the women's team. They are proud of the fact that they held a World Cup South Korean team to 4-0. They are ecstatic when the Azkals do well. People act as though the women have never won a game and never will. They are not asking for German or Japanese training camps. Is it too much to ask that they are supported by their own country? If they cannot get financial support, they should at least get fan support.
    As far as the Malditas hoping to get where the Azkals are right now. Well the Malditas did beat Indonesia and Singapore. Most of the best Filipina football players in the world will be playing NCAA University "soccer" in the USA in October when the AFF tournament is on and it will be difficult to get them released. If they do get a chance to put together their best team for the AFC, World Cup, or Olympics, they will certainly give all Filipinos something to be proud of.

  17. That is a more sound explanation and answer than the previous one's .

    I think the real Malditas are talking now from their own heart about the sentiments regarding PFF... They are absolutely right , there are so many fields in football that can be explored and supported to bring more glory to our country. Some had achievements far from the Men's NT , yet they remain lock frozen. Funds and attention are so concentrated and that the other teams from up to bottom are not given much attention and support , both financially and morally.

    Malditas should take into consideration the Psyche of Filipino fans, you talk to them bad and your dead, you talk to them good then you touch their heart.

    PFF should take into consideration that we should beat the Mindset of Filipino Fans and divert their attention From Basketball to FOOTBALL... We were stagnant for a long while far behind Asia , and the World. Now we have the time to Shine , we have to take this opportunity to unite and go for one Goal to Uplift Football in all fields and for all teams. (Youth , Women's , Homeless , Blind , Footsal , Beach Football.. ) especially your own Women's national team.

    WAKE UP PFF !!! Funds are pouring, share it to them. Before when there was not much of funds , they understood , they improvise , they cope , they managed and they suffered , but they never surrendered.

    Maybe one Football Shoes or rubber shoes or T-shirt given by one of the players of Azkals can make a uniform to half of the team that needs it. Pero parang pahirapan pa mag release ng funds kaya nagkakanyaya na lang diskarte ang ibang mga teams.

    Reach out , and you'll be surprised by the hidden untapped talents just lurking in the dark that can give an added spark.

    to PFF - UNIFY the FOOTBALL WORLD , MAKE it STONGER , WIDER , and REACHABLE, without Discrimination , bias , favoritism and with EQUALITY.


  19. eleven aside nalang oooh MALDITAS VS. HATERS !! para magka alaman. UMAK 6am MWF..

  20. The haters better shield the ball (or balls)

  21. Ang naiinggit lamang...! laroin nalang natin! haters go to hell!!!!

  22. what would we shield...
    ball ball or yag ball

    you never learn talaga... talk to the haters bad they'll do you harm twice as much.

    Ms. Benitez better do something with this bloggers na naghahamon. it will do you more harm than good.

  23. sino ba ang mga ito , players ba ng WNT ito ?
    o baka yaya or water girl niyo lang, na kulang sa tubig at mukhang may sakit na TIPUS.

    hamunin kaya lahat , at nagbigay pa ng day at venue. oy walang natatakot o naiinggit sa yo at sa masama mong ugali. You are a disgrace to the WNT. Fuck off Asshole.

  24. May Split personality ba kayo , o hindi kayo marunong bumasa o sumulat...

    Sinabi niyo na nga na "Magnificent" , naghamon na naman kayo. I hope this is two different person that wrote this, kasi kung pareho e ulol na kayo , you are living your dreams in a twilight zone...stupid.

    Pagsabihan niyo yan, if she is one of your team members well obviously she is , boot her off. Baka makagat at mahawaan kayo ng Rabis ng taong yan Maulol pa kayo lahat.

  25. o yah we are the haters and we will hate you more and will continue to hate you...how could we support such an attitude from a WNT player.

    Is this one of your propaganda again para may magsulat dito sa Blog na ito, well your succeeding at that cheap degrading level.

    are you gratified to achieve something through humiliation and physical and verbal abuse dapat ang pangalan ng team niyo "MASOCHISTA"

  26. Imu LOLA haters!!!! nagsasayang ka lang nang oras sakaka hate...puso mo din masasaktan nyan! were NOT HEARTLY AFFECTED karma sana..

  27. Don't hate cuz were cute and sweet; hate cuz you can't compete..mag MALDITAS kna lang dn.para happy ok ba un???


  29. i'm not one of the malditas . i'm a fan of them !! takot kba mkalaban malditas?? tanga!!

  30. kakahiya naman kayo..buti sana hnid kayo mga PINOY!! makapang lait nang kapwa..mahiya ka naman sa sarili mo...

    Ang Malditas close din ng Azkals..kaya wag mung sabihin haters sila,after ng match nila last 28 nag meet ang Azkals at Malditas sa Dinner! baka kayo lang tlaga ang haters..or naiinggit ba kayo o anu,kung tousin binisita pa nga sa ibang azkals ang Booth nang malditas e..wag naman kayong basta basta manghusga..kc wala kayong alam saka nila..walang problema ang azkals at malditas..ok? kya kung aq sa inyo tigilan nyo nalang to..ibang tao nalang,o masamang tao nalang pag iinitan nyo..!!!

  31. The haters don't need to worry. The way they love the men and hate women, it's not like they will be having children any time soon.

  32. hindi kayo ang pinagiinitan namin... the blogger out there na naghahamon eh hindi pala siya maldita , kundi fans lang... siya na lang makipaglaro sa maldita mag-isa niya.

    isipin mo nga tanga ka , pagsasabungin mo pa ang mga "haters" against "maldita" , alam ba ng maldita yan , baka pag may sumipot sa hamon mo magulat na lang ang maldita at bigla silang nagkaroon ng ibang kalaban.

    well i think it is one way of advertising your game na wala namang sisipot kundi mga sipsip na tulad mo. Kulang ba kayo nang audience at pati mga "haters" papuntahin niyo sa game ng maldita... sinong dengoyin kami... style mo bulok!!!! hahaha

  33. are you invited to have dinner with the Azkals in that hotel???
    one comment i heard was "Bakit nandito ang mga yan"
    where you invited , or you just went there to spite them for their lose to Kuwait,appearing to support them yet are so ecstatic that finally your wishes came true.
    Or Baka naman Gate crasher lang kayo ...

    Sana nagpa picture kayo sa Azkals near your booth para may proof...kung meron man , lahat ng tao madadaanan ang booth niyo papunta sa Rizal cornered sila at wala nang magawa kundi mag pakitang tao.

    Admit it , you tried to compare yourself with the Azkal achievement, naninigas kayo sa inggit because of their overnight popularity that was not given to your team, as you have said had achieved more than them...

    Reality check , mga iha ... Actions speaks, and it will show your motives more than your words written here.

    "walang problema ang azkals at malditas..ok?"

    Bakit may Question mark sa dulo...sa words nga bagsak na kayo sa action pa.

    actually hindi ang tao ang gusto naming pag-initan kundi ang masamang ugali. change your ways , put your true grievances here, mas mapapakinggan kayo than being plastic about it.

    True, we don't know each everyone of you personally ... but is this the way to introduce yourself to the masses...

  34. look better put statistics on this blog , of your games , achievements , wins , standing ,loses and failures through time. Records will show how you worked hard to achieve something. Any game played is an achievement win or lose , fact is you tried.

    Why do you think people or fans accepted Azkals in spite of their failures...they appear to be the underdogs , paawa effect ,
    yet they tried their best to deliver. You can always hear them saying "we will try our best". Alam namin na mayayabang din sila but they keep it to themselves. Many are said and written against them more than what is written here yet they manage to win the masses. Someday they will explode (like their coach) , but they are bringing the doe to PFF (commercials, advertisement, media coverage and the likes). So for now people who loves football need to go with the flow and accept it even if they are still amateurs as compared to other nations.But I think they have the potential to make it good in the future.

    You see , by saying bad things on this blog will not give you an edge to win fans. they will put you to the limit and let you explode before its your time to shine. All things here can be used against you in the future, this is the internet for God's sake...

    For Haters , please don't put Foul words , you also have a mother , a wife , a sister and a girl child. Think it this way , before you put anything hurting here , please think that you are saying it to them and not the Team.

    For Maldita's do not say you are the best...you are not yet the best , of course you tried your best , and you struggle hard to become one of the best. What you need now is support not enemies. So don't invite enemies on this blog and stop answering their blogs with the same hatred because it will not stop. haters will be haters , that's their problem not yours... i hope you do understand.


  35. -> not a malditas
    ->not a hater poh ako... gusto ko lang mag commment ah? away kc kau ng away sa blog na to, baka naman someone is pretending to be a malditas and a hater para mas lalong lumaki ang pinagaawayan niyo both parties... kung malditas man sila edi lets give them a chance to show something,, but always remember to stay humble magaling ka man o hindi,, always keep your feet on the ground. and im sure matutulungan kau ng mga teamates niyo jan,there are many of you who are already professionals and had already a lot of experience in and off the field. kung haters ka naman, it is not necessary to get mad on the team instead, help them through your good motives in advising or giving them some alternatives which may help them to be better. leave the problem to their head coach, kung may problem regarding sa team nla for sure naman he will make an action.
    -->> one heart, one nation <<-- go malzkals!!