27 July 2011

FIFA World Ranking - Philippines down 3

FIFA Ranking for July was released today. Philippines down 3 to number 162 but with 16 extra ranking points.

Kuwait up 7 to number 95.


  1. like many people already said: we shouldn't take this ranking too serious. It's fun and to have a hint of the strenght but in the end it says nothing. Just an example: when I see that NEPAL is better ranked than Indonesia, Turkmenistan etc. and got 46 points I asked myself for what? Winning vs. Timor Leste? They got hammered in Jordan with 9-0, one of the most embarassing defeates in the recent WC campaign.

  2. Vietnam nga 10 points down from February's 134 ranking...Thailand nga 119 ranking pero eliminated noong Suzuki Cup 2010. Azkals just play your best and study your opponents each time.