18 July 2011

UFL Cup expands and open to more clubs

Manila, JULY 15 (Sugod.com) – The LBC United Football League Cup tournament will expand to open more opportunities to clubs across the country revealed on Wednesday.

“To all interested Football Clubs. Email us at co2torre@yahoo.com the name of your club, area, history, owners, roster of 25 players” UFL added.

Changes to the cup tournament was announced following successful run last season after the league All-Stars recorded a 4-3 victory over the highly favoured Philippines national football team in a jump-packed University of Makati Football Stadium.

The management has been taking the league seriously as the clamor for a professional has gained new heights.

When asked whether the league will be televised, UFL replied: “we are working hard on it”.


  1. what do u mean by "meh"? :-)

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