17 July 2011

YouTube - Amanda Coling interview


  1. read this forum that talks about Paul Weiler's credibility. *this was last year.

  2. she said she does want to talk... no case what filed yet , what she wants is justice for being pulled out from her job ... for whatever reason we do not know. GMA please don't push it, just be happy that Football is making waves and are here to stay.

  3. feeling ko , it was clean fun, sa uli niyo na kasi ang video , baka makita ng boyfriend niyang futsal player eh hindi na siya maka deny pa.
    Anyway, let her lawyer make the statement and stop harassing her. She did answer well, supalpal nga si Pia on her trend of Questioning, seems like naaawa si Pia but her line of questions are stupid and obviously leading. One that hit me was when she ask that "so many beautiful girls are after azkals and they can pick from an array of girls,and here you are saying something different from that" ??? derechohin mo na kasi it's simply saying... "sa dami ng magagandang babae na humahabol sa azkal bakit sa pangit pa sila na link." The girl answered well "lol" as quoted "kunyari meron silang gustong sobrang pangit na babae , eh kung gusto nila yon' eh anong magagawa niyo di ba".

    Totally , the video did not extract any information about the incident from this girl.
    Piece of advice lang to the Azkals involved, don't make anymore statements that could ignite the fire, the girl have something to say , truth or lies... she will fight if provoked...