22 July 2011

Azkals - Team update

James Hall : Left Kuwait , going back to England

OJ Porteria : No Philippine passport , cant play tomorrow

Neil Etheridge : Still in England .... should have been on a plane now for Kuwait

Alex Borromeo /Stephan Schröck , latest from Palami is that they CANT play tomorrow. FIFA final decision.


  1. OJ doesn't have a PHL passport yet? Then why was he brought along? Strange...

  2. is that final, regarding borromeo not being able to play? wat about jonsson? is he there?

  3. Jonsson is in Kuwait . Yes it seems to be the final decision from what I read on Twitter that Borromeo cant play.

    OJ Porteria : Dont know what he is doing in Kuwait without Philippine passport! They should have had a local player with a Philippien passport.

    James Hall : Going back the day before the match ?? Anyway Porteria and Hall was not expected to play against Kuwait.

    Im more worried about Neil...

  4. Yeah, hope Neil will still come in ....as without him the defeat would turn out to be a little bit higher....but i doubt he is 100% fit.....i mean still today in England, then travelling and playing tomorrow...
    it was actually sure that the FIFA wouldn't change the decision....apart from it: rules are rules.....and Schrock for sure wouldn't play due to club commitments

  5. Well, it's definitely gonna get ugly now, if it wasn't going to already!! I'd like to see Gier be the captain for this match.

  6. I was not expecting Hall to make the team, Oj is to young for the team. The lights on the tunnel is getting smaller with the Ali & Schrock decision, Im kinda worried about Niel. All 4 negative news, so whats next?

  7. OJ too young? BS! It should be about quality not age. But it doesn't matter anyway, he doesn't have a Phil. passport. And Hall didn't make the team, he's back in England already.

  8. Then it should be a 5-5-0 formation.

  9. Go for 11-0-0 formation. 11 GK's, no midfield and forwards. All 11players on the pitch to crowd the penalty area. Lets see Kuwait try to slip one past us.

  10. .............................................

  11. i think kuwait is also playing without 6 or 8 of their key players that was suspended?
    it only takes one goal from the Philippine team that can make a huge difference on this game, win or lose ... Go Chieffy !!! prove to them that A true "FILIPINO" can do it. I suppose you don't have hang-ups , you hold a Phil. Passport, no commitment to Clubs of some sort, Hindi Mainitin and ulo (cool), and a Good Player...
    The set back that are happening now are so predictable... officials should have seen it coming, coach should have been ready to fill each post (reserve players)properly trained and conditioned to take over and win (if given the chance)...

    Now the team need all the Support they can get...as Phil YH said in an interview with GMA 7 , quoted "kailangan namin lahat ng SUPPOT kase pag may suppot'a mas success sa team" sorry it just makes me laugh.

    Kidding aside...GO AZKALS we will Support you all the way...

  12. "Go Chieffy !!! prove to them that A true "FILIPINO" can do it."

    And WTF is this suppose to mean?!?!? So you're one of them fuckers who has a dislike for the "foreigners" aren't you!?!? You need to get your head checked!!

  13. I don't dislike foreigners ,,, bakit sino ba sa Azkals ang Pure Foreigner ? Imports lang ba sila , wala ba silang dugong pilipino...pagka alam ko half Filipino sila.

    "Go Chieffy!!!"
    Don't I have the right to chose my preferred player amongst all the team players. I like Chieffy what is your God damn problem about that.

    Ikaw dapat ang magpatingin sa Psychiatrist , masyado kang Paranoid at defensive,and F*#% you too.

  14. ^^

    LOL! Did you know that Chieffy is hot headed sometimes? He has in the past hit opponents and got booked with red card. Everyone can lose their head, and with my experience from playing in the Philippines, all i can say is that filipinos in general are hot heads. Doesnt take much to provoke a player. Foreign based players arent as hot headed as the local players. Just my personal experience. Its a shame to say this, but the azkals are nothing without the foreign based players. Unless something happens with the local structure and development of the sport in the country, we will always be dependant of the foreign based players.

  15. We have another I.P.P. "IGNORANT PUREBRED POSTER" posting. What a boring guy. Go post somewhere else, we dont welcome IPP's here coz none of us are purebred in this site. In this site we are all mixed. Put it this way, halo-halo cannot be a halo-halo with just one ingredients. So if your purebred, go somewhere else. We only welcome halo-halo here.

  16. Neil arrived now.. Not best preparation for a match tomorrow..

  17. "I don't dislike foreigners ,,, bakit sino ba sa Azkals ang Pure Foreigner ? Imports lang ba sila , wala ba silang dugong pilipino...pagka alam ko half Filipino sila."

    Idiot!! The way you and people like you keep banging on about "pure Filipino" or "true Filipino" and all that BS, you make it clear that you don't exactly favor these supposed "foreigners" on the team! So ya, you should get your fucking head checked, dick face!!

    "we dont welcome IPP's here coz none of us are purebred in this site"

    So stupid, I hate it when people whip the "there's no such thing as pure Filipinos" card or anything like that! There's just so much wrong and stupidity with that I don't even know where and how to start!!

  18. Estupidong putangina talaga! Pure gago yan eh, pure gago. Fuck!


  19. Ooops, watch your language guys. Let's unite for the win!

  20. yes!! neil is going to play??? you will be a loser if you continue saying "names" dude!! calm down!! ur not helping... let's all unite for The Philippine Team..

    GOODLUCK Nalg da ky Chieffy and the rest nga tga barotac ah..You can beat the Kuwait!! ndi mgpadaog sa ila ah..

  21. we are not going to underestimate filipino players... so wat if there is no fil-am players??? pure bred or not filipinos we're going to fight for philippines pride!!!!

    I believe that fil-am did a great job to help team azkals win.. look at chieffy's move at sri lanka game.. dba nkascore dn sya???
    let's all be fair enough to look at all players capability to play..They want Philippines to be known worldwide. let's just support them and stop fighting ok???

  22. oy IPP's - Pure Bred Ako... not welcoming us on this site proves your anti-us...

    "Unless Something should be done with the local structure and development of the sport in this country"...that is exactly what is supposed to be done. Alam mo palang may dapat gawin eh , what are you so furious about.And I believe the officials are doing something about it, let's just wait.

    I am not as angry as you are , i like foreigners i just like Chieffy more...whats not there to understand , that even a grade schooler can comprehend. end of story

    Lets not fight,baka maging Jinks pa ito sa game ng Azkals lagot tayo... PEACE MAN!!!

    GO AZKALS !!! All our suppport and Prayers

  23. olGAGO , your so pathetic, and that is a cheap call, ari mo ba itong blog, yabang mo ah... mindanao bloggers are part of the more legitimate contributors here. .Akala mo ba hindi marunong mag blog ang mga Ifugao (Igorot), Aetas , Mangyans, they are much educated as you think you are. Nalahian ka lang ang taas na ihi mo .
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