13 July 2011

Kuwait beat Iraq

Kuwait beat Iraq 2-0 today in a 4-Nations tournament in Amman, Jordan.

Kuwait will face the Saudi Arabia in a final on Saturday. Saudi Arabia won 4-3 on PSO after 1-1 draw at full time against Jordan.


  1. Those goals, especially the first one, look like goals that we'll end up conceding. Our defense gets sliced open far too easily, even if we park the bus, and Kuwait are quite clinical in front of goal as shown by that first goal in the video. It's gonna get ugly come the 23rd.

  2. Nice goals.....I guess it can turn out terrible for the Azkals especially if we can't field out best squad (no Cagara, no Schrock, no Borromeo, probably no Mulders....). Even with all on board the Kuwaitis would give us a hard time. The goals the Kuwaitis scored remind me to those the Azkals got in their tune up matches vs. the stronger German sides. If the opponent plays fast and direct then they cut the defense like a hot knife the butter......it can turn out in a desaster if it goes worse (just hope this won't come true).

  3. Lets face reality...Azkals are working there way up and so is the kuwait side, it will be extremely difficult because kuwait depends on fast and tall strikers and defense, and a very good goalkeeper although kuwait is a semi-professional nation they did manage to defeat european teams which will make todays game challenging for Azkals.