03 May 2012

John Carmona new U22 coach

New U22-coach : John CARMONA

Start of trainings : May 1

Daily : a morning and an afternoon session except for Saturday (light session ) and no sessions on Sunday

Scheduled practice games : May 4, 9, 11, 16, 18, 22, June 1 and 6

Today : match vs Agila Fc in Ateneo  

U22 team won 3-0 today...

Training camp with the assistance of Nike Total Football coach J. Kuriyama from May 28 till June 5

Leaving for thailand on June 8 normal training schedule with 4 practice games on June 10, 12, 15 and 17

Leaving for Myanmar on June 18 with scheduled practice game on June 19 and start of the competition on June 23 .


Fil-foreigners expected in the squad in AFC U22 Qualifiers in Myanmar :

Patrick Hinrichsen (Germany)
Manuel Ott (Germany)
Marwin Angeles (Italy)
Marvin Angeles (Italy)
Jeffrey Christiaens (Belgium)
Jacques Van Bossche (Belgium)
Angelo Marsigan (Verheyen ) Belgium
Aaron de Rama (England)


Update : U22 team beat Agila FC 3-0 today

9. May U22 vs Loyola Fc , 8 pm at BGC


  1. Jonny what about OJ Porteria? Who are the local based players in the roster? Thanks bro

  2. Puro fil-for na naman ang player nasaan na ang local player?

  3. I have only listed players that I know will be coming to Philippines, it could also be others like Oj Porteria.

    About local players : I expect some of the local players from HBT 2012 in Brunei will be in the squad. Hopefully this time there will be players that are also based outside Manila. I wish PFF scout players from the ongoing U23 (U22) championship. (wishful thinking ?)

  4. Who will they play against?

    Who thinks they will do good, and who thinks we will see a replay of the SEA games and the HBT?

    1. For starters, based on the listed schedule, it's much more organized in terms of preparation than the U21's & U23's. However, just like the U21's & U23's, I don't think you can really expect much from them this time around.

  5. They won 3-0 against Agila FC today.

  6. Aaron de Rama (England)will be in the U22 squad


    1. Hmm... Interesting choice of player, since he plays way way way down in the lower divisions. Isnt Mark Hartmann eligible for the U22? I bet he would be a better choice and a better player, except for his personal issues.

  7. 9. May friendly vs Loyola Fc . 8 pm at BGC