25 May 2012

Azkals-Guam Tickets Now Available!

Azkals’ team coordinator Patrick Ace Bright said that tickets for the Azkals-Guam friendly match on June 12, 2012 at the Panaad Park and Stadium in Barangay Mansilingan will be available this week.
It will be sold by the Ticket World while the prices will be known as the tickets are already out, Bright added.
The Azkals-Guam match is another football offer from the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) to the Negrenses following the overwhelming support shown by the local fans to the national team.
This is the second time that the national squad will be facing a foreign squad in this stadium after the February 9, 2011 victory over Mongolia in their AFC Challenge Cup Pre-qualifying match. The nationals won 2-nil before the roaring 25,000 spectators watching in Panaad.
Meanwhile, in preparation for these friendly matches, the national team will be in San Carlos City to undergo a week-long training camp starting May 21.
It was also reported that not all Azkals standouts will be playing in this match due to their prior commitments. However, national team head coach Michael Wiess assured that he will still be fielding a strong team for this friendly match. He has tapped several top football players from the United Football League to boast the team.
Meanwhile, the Azkals are also scheduled to face Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur on June 1 and battles against Indonesia on June 5 at the Rizal Memorial Stadium.
In their match against Malaysia, ABS-CBN reported that the national team will be playing without striker Phil Younghusband, midfielder James Younghusband and first-choice goalkeeper Neil Etheridge.
This after the Younghusband siblings had prior commitments while Etheridge is serving a one-match suspension meted out by the Asian Football Confederation due to "unsportsmanlike conduct" during the AFC Challenge Cup last month.
Instead, Etheridge will be working as a guest analyst during the match coverage for ABS-CBN Sports.*
Negros Daily Bulletin


  1. Has sales for their match against Indonesia sold out in Manila? Lol.

    1. What's so funny?! Looks like you're trying to bring up the BS debate about places outside of Manila being the better football region?!?

  2. Anonymous25 May 2012 12:16

    then what do you believe???

  3. Of course they will bring it to Manila. even Pinoy Pride the boxing series' ultimate goal is breaking the Manila market. Why? because it is where the money is.

  4. Anonymous26 May 2012 03:58

    Empirial mentallity plus your treating a national team as a business entity.....with that kind of mentallity the province was left behind, not all the money you think is in manila.......im would rather support the improvement in provinces even in sports........i dont what to react in your comment....even spain dont have a central city where all the football held....britain's capital London dont have a great team until this Eufa championship.....sport is not for money but how you develop it locally....i would rather watch and support provincial field rather in manila.....

  5. Maybe he's just trying to say that in Manila, you can tag the ticket prices higher compared in the provinces, which should be good for the business side of it. In Manila, ticket prices can go as much as 2,668.00 for an Azkals game or 4,710 for a Megadeth concert and still be sold out in a couple of days. It's all about the cost of living in the city compared to the provinces.