15 May 2012

Azkals face Guam in Panaad

By Cedelf Tupas

Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines — Returning to the site of one their biggest victories, the Philippine Azkals will take on Guam on June 12 at the Panaad Stadium in Bacolod City.

A match against Bahrain’s Under-22 team was initially considered before the Philippine Football Federation decided on inviting Guam, which is positioned near the bottom of the Fifa rankings.

The game caps a three-match swing for the Azkals in June that starts with a game against Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur on June 1 and a date with Indonesia at the Rizal Memorial Stadium four days later.

The Azkals last played in Panaad in February last year when they defeated Mongolia, 2-0, in their AFC Challenge Cup Pre-qualifying match. The national team also won against Timor Leste, 7-0, in the AFF Championship five years ago in Bacolod in one of the country’s most convincing wins in history.

“We wanted to play against Bahrain Under-22 but it was also important for us to get Fifa ranking points and that can only happen if we play senior teams,” said Azkals manager Dan Palami.

“The team is delighted at the prospect of playing again in Bacolod where support for the Azkals has also been overwhelming.”

In preparation for the friendly matches, Azkals coach Michael Weiss said the team will be undergoing a week-long training camp in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental starting May 21.

With the United Football League heading into the homestretch, Weiss said he thought it was better to leave his UFL players with their clubs as of the moment.

But the German vowed to send a “very competitive” team for the three matches.

The team, Weiss said, could actually include several new players as he plans to invite more local-based standouts, particularly Green Archers Globe goalkeeper Patrick Deyto.



  1. LOL...there are so many countries playing football and we choose the giant selection from GUAM as opponent, hahahaha.
    “We wanted to play against Bahrain Under-22 but it was also important for us to get Fifa ranking points and that can only happen if we play senior teams,” => if they have bad luck they even don't get any points for a victory as probably some old (expired) points might be deducted. I can't understand why it is impossible to get any other team (even from SEA region) for a friendly or at least HONGKONG...........how can you improve and get better with such opponents or did they just select them to have a secure win (while vs a stronger West Asian team they might lose)?

    1. "or did they just select them to have a secure win"

      That plus stupidity? The 12th is Independence Day so I think they wanted a sure win. lol!!

      The only way this match will be interesting is if we field only homegrown local players.

  2. They have the FIFA rankings in the back of their mind with this match. Why do you think they always tend to play friendlies against clubs? They dont want to play against better nations in case they will lose, and in this case the chance of a win is almost sure.

    The azkals has always had a focus on the FIFA rankings, and they have said so many times in media.

    If the azkals field their strongest field then ill be expecting a total bashing of Guam.

  3. The funny thing about the FIFA ranking is that we will lose 2 ranking points even in case we win both friendly matches vs. Malaysia and Indonesia...a match vs. Guam is quite ridiculous if you ask me. If you want to earn a lot of ranking points you have to win or draw against much higher ranked teams. But the problem is: this team aren't available or just don't want to play against us....

  4. My home island! Is going to get crushed. It is pretty laughable that the Azkals scheduled Guam, which has no formal national team program. Though Guam just started a youth national program. But the senior team couldn't beat a good high school team.

    1. Weird, because the Philippines is the opposite and doesn't have a formal youth national program. lol

    2. Well I guess that's how the Philippines national team started too. I mean, they have come a long way and still have a lot of seed to plow, but yeah, Guam will get there. When they've decided that they've had enough loses, they would start winning. These friendlies are ridiculous, the only ones that makes me nervous are the malaysia and indonesia ones. Guam, I really haven't seen much of, but based on what you guys have been saying, I expect a complete thrashing. No offense man.

  5. I'm a little disappointed that we're facing Guam. I was hoping to see another SEA nation. anyway, any ideas on how I can get tickets?