23 December 2010


This is Rick Figueiredo. My name has been mentioned in connection several times with replacing Simon McMenemy. A few things should be cleared at this point.Back in August, before Desmond Bulpin even became coach I contacted Mari Martinez about becoming the Philippines Head Coach. I had two reasons forwanting to become involved in this endeavour. The first is that through fortunate circumstances, I have been part of a number of highly successful coaching staffs including going to the World Cup in 1998 with Jamaica, and I thought that this experience would be a positive influence on the Philippine team and program. The second point is that from 1962 through 1969 I lived inthe Philippines and went to school there at Ateneo and also at the American School. So it seemed like a positive thing for all of us. The fact that the country ranked very low in this sport also intrigued me. Itwas an opportunity to put the country on the map. Pure and simple. There vere no alterior motives. Unfortunately, in August the PFF and I were unable to come to a financial compensation package that worked for both sides. I have expenses in the USA that I needed to cover and could not afford for my family and myself to put myself in a financially disadvantages position. We continued to work onthis and in October I came to the Philippines to present myself in person, for a possible future position. My strengths are honesty and integrity and I am an exceptional motivator, and I believe that these characteristics and my longterm vision proved to be significant to those I met. Understand that at no time was it my intention to replace Simon and that I fully support his retention ashead coach of the team and have throughout the Suzuki Cup. He has done a magnificient job with the team along with Dan Palami and should be rewarded with an extension. I also believe that Mari Martinez has made his ownc ontribution to this process and regardless of the ending to his story, we needto give him some credit. This is not to say that I am not still interested inthe position. I am, however, far more interested in being Technical Director ofthe entire Philippine National Program. My time perhaps will come. My vision back in August of 2010 was to take the Philippines to the World Cup. This was my vision in 1997 with Jamaica and while working with Brasil during the 1994 World Cup I came to understand the blueprint necessary to do it again for the Philippines. But for now I return to my own futebol endeavours. I have manyvery good causes which I dedicate my time to, including training young childrenas I believe they are the ones who will change the future for the better. I feel for Mari Martinez because I have met him and liked him and will not deny this because he has fallen, but I have no desire to get involved in his political situations because I am a futebol coach and not a politician or a businessman.I wish him well as a person. If he has done wrong I believe we should forgive him. I have spoken to him briefly about this. I advised Mari during the crisis that he should accept those who oppose him and bring them into the decision circle so that an amicable solution could be found. After all, we all work notfor ourselves alone. We all work for the the greater cause of growth and improvement of the Philippines. It is our mission to bring joy and hope to themillions of Filipino people. There is no more gratifying reward as I learned from the Jamaicans after we qualified for the World Cup. I would walk the streets and celebrate with the fans. Moments that have defined my purpose inlife. It is not all so complicated. Perhaps one day I will be honered and invited to come back to a country that I love, to offer my services and experience. For now it is clear that we must put these dreams and visions onthe shelf. Simon McMenemy is your coach and should remain your coach until hisrun is over. That is the fair thing to do. The right thing to do! I wish all well and thank you for this brief moment to express my thoughts to your readers. RICK FIGUEIREDO - brasil@rickfigueiredo.com


  1. Mr. Figuerido, thank you. You are a gentleman! I do hope you can come on board and help our national program.

    -mike, filipino fan

  2. Working together with McMenemy as head coach and you as technical director is one for the future. With all your wealth of experience, you both will improve the team's performance.

    And thank you, too, for being sincere.


  3. I think it would be injustice not to extend the contract of Mcemeny in the 1st place as to show our gratitude and I believe Mcemeny would love to continue to win International matches as a head coach here.
    So Mcemeny plus Figuerido is a positive sign for us to develop the sports not only on International matches but basically help the development of football locally.

    I never doubted Brazilian footballing and neither the English strategies because they were both succesful and entertaining to watch. I wish them the best and I hope this is the start of a successful mission.

    All eyes on the Philippines around the world.

  4. For me, coach Simone McMenemy's contract should be extended for he has done a great job for the team in just a span of 4 months.

    It will be a big boost to the team if Mr. Rick will be one of the staff of the team, his international exposures and World Cup experience will be a positive factor to the team.

    To Mr. Rick... thank you for giving a way to Coach Simone...

  5. ALL RESPECT TO MR. RICK FIGUEIREDO. I hope the PFF officials will work out something to get him work with our Philippine Team together with Mr.McMenemy. This will spell a Huge Difference for the Future of Football in our country.

  6. McMenemy working on the national side and Figueiredo working on youth technical development, now that is on my wish list.

    As dedicated as our youth coaches are, they are in dire need of training in newer and better methods. C, B or even A Licensing does not guarantee that a coach is at his very best for his particular age group.

  7. thank you for being a gentleman and for sharing your thoughts, mr. figueiredo.

    indeed, simon mcmenemy has endeared himself to us all. nonetheless, we would welcome your participation in the national team in any other capacity.

  8. high time for philippine football! all i can say,'hope that mr. figueiredo gets in to the nat'l team. partially, we now have the talent, now it's time to bolster the coaching staff! i just wish that if ever there will be contrasting management styles, it would be for the good of the team. english-brazilian football is as good as north-south directions. these countries have definitely, entirely different football perspectives. as to its result, we'll just see it if mr. figueiredo comes on board, but to my insight it would be very exciting to see. attacking tactics to brazilian, as defensive tactics to the english side! if they could master it, now we're talking WORLD CUP! all the way to Brazil 2014!

  9. Thank you sir! :)

  10. Sorry but I dont buy this...Theres just too many questions surrounding this guy..timing is so far off..all of a sudden you show yourself after all this turmoil that has engulfed Philippine football. We never heard of you before Martinez mentioned you. Living here in the 60's doesnt prove your loyalty to our country. Mcmenemy is here and i dont think he is being multi million euros in fact I would bet he is being paid much less than what you asked for. Your affiliation with Martinez already makes you a doubtful proposition. Personally, i dont want any more Martinez sympathizers or affiliates in the PFF especially in such a delicate position as Technical Director. In my book you havent contributed anything to the Philippines and one letter in this blog no matter how heartwarming doesnt automatically qualify you. You yourself have brought up the matter of compensation (which i think is very distasteful when you mention it in the same breath as integrity, loyalty and love of country). What makes you think with the right compensation we can not get someone more qualified than you? Now that there seems to be a lot more awareness (and funding) all of a sudden you show interest. If what you wrote went to the PFF and not this blog, then maybe i would be less skeptical. But this is self advertising and does not bode well for your credibility. Why do you want everyone to know your motivation? Do you need public acceptance? Yet you say your not a politician. Why didnt you write this blog when Martinez was talking to you? People like McMenemy and Palami have done there job without fan fare and grinded away without anyone knowing and has brought us results. Take the Philippines to the world cup? Please. Dont insult my intelligence. Thats been my dream ever since I got hooked on football 32 years ago and I am the last person who would not wish that for my country. but lets be realistic, what southeast asian country has ever qualified? theres a lot of issues right there. It takes more than a coach or a technical director to do that. Anyone can have vision, even Martinez had it. But to what aim, only Martinez can answer that honestly. You talk of Mcmenemy being coach until his run is over and here you are positioning yourself as technical director. Why Technical Director? Avram Grant used to be technical director before he became coach of Chelsea when Mourinho left..maybe thats not the best comparison but I dont even want to talk about the possibility of Mcmenemy's tenure coming to an end and hope he stays a lot longer. I think we should let the current PFF approach you and not the other way around. At this point, the PFF can approach anyone with credentials as finally we may have a serious federation who has Philippine football in mind. With the results of the Philippines, i dont think the situation is not the same as before that we can not find anyone else to help our country.

  11. he is a better coach than Mcmenemy, and we know that ... The compensation is just a "reality" that PFF will have to face in the long run. Sooner or Later Mcmenemy will have his own "Price Tag" pinned on his coat if you let him stay and get all the credit not worth him...Come on, a more Worthy man wrote this because he can see the potential of the AZKALS , may it be for his fame , glory , money or for whatever reason there is for you to be skeptic, it's his call and not anybody else.
    You are politicizing the whole issue and you are just so caught up with your inner hatred with Martinez that everything he says or will say is absolutely Wrong. What if he told reporters that Mcmenemy is the best coach Philippine has ever had, Maybe you will DISAGREE, so why not oppose it now, or you are just waiting for Martinez to utter such statement. At least Mr. Palami had that vision of the future for the National Team - May it be to revamp , evaluate , assess , review and appraise each and every players "INCLUDING the COACH" ,only proves that he is a real Leader.

    If you want Football to grow and clean out the PFF mess, take out the "Kampi-Kampi" & "Sip-Sip" system and just MOVE ON.

  12. to Mr.Figueiredo thank you for being such a gentle man.
    McMenemy working side by side with a man like Figueiredo will do alot of wonders not only for the team but also for the improvement of the Football here in the Philippines I can see that he has a vision for the national team and also for the youngsters that have a talent in playing football, I really hope that his visions will camo true in God's own and perfect time. Good luck and God Bless to the National Team