06 December 2010

RP Men's Football National Team celebrating win over Vietnam


  1. I hope you guys realize what you have done for Philippine Football. Stand Proud Gentlemen! Do not waiver and get a result from the Myanmar Game, after that you can truly be remembered as it will be the first time we have qualified beyond the elimination round

  2. Everybody is going mental!
    Love it!

  3. At last- the Philippines is NOT the Beating boys of ASEAN Football.

    Gone, I believe, were the days that the Philippine Football Team would lose by a large number of goals OR at most snare a Draw with lower ranked teams AND NEVER WIN.

    MABUHAY KAYO PHIL FOOTBALL TEAM- We are proud of you. Continue to change football history in the ASEAN.

    Arne Royce Cahilig MD
    Calbayog City