11 December 2010

Martinez on the warpath

Martinez expressed yesterday his outrage over his critics’ claims that he has done nothing to support the national team. In fact, he warned national team manager Dan Palami of repercussions on failing to live up to obligations to former coach Desmond Bulpin. Martinez also said he’s prepared to revamp the entire national team if necessary after the Suzuki Cup.

“I understand that Bulpin was not paid four months of his salary and that’s about $16,000,” said Martinez. “Bulpin has threatened to sue the PFF and FIFA knows about it. If this isn’t settled, FIFA might just suspend the PFF. When FIFA asked me about it, I didn’t know a thing because Palami is supposed to take care of the salary. Bulpin was hospitalized for a heart problem and it was the PFF, not Palami, that paid for his bills of about P200,000.”

Martinez said he had no hand in choosing Englishman Simon McEnemy to coach the national team.

“That guy applied to Palami and he was taken in without consulting me,” said Martinez. “He came in to take over a team that Bulpin formed. I’m now negotiating to recruit a Brazilian coach Rick Figuerido who has about 12 years of World Cup experience with Brazil, Mexico and Jamaica. I can form another national team that’s better than what we’ve got now with guys they dropped. Chad Gould and Roxy Dorlas will be on that team. But I’d rather not elaborate on all of that. Right now, I’d prefer the national team to just focus on the Suzuki Cup and let’s see how far they go.”

Martinez said it’s unfair that he was accused by the national team of not providing support.

“We have not received one centavo of support from the PFF,” said the national team in a position paper released to the media the other day. “Not to mention a call or a text during the final rounds of the Suzuki Cup in Hanoi. This year, we’ve never had any decent training grounds for us to practice on until recently when we trained at the Alabang Country Club and the International School of Manila. Now, there is the matter of the former PFF president telling AFF officials that we, the national team, cannot have our own home game, that we fought so hard for, to be played in front of our countrymen.”

McEnemy, by the way, applied to coach the national team after he learned of the vacancy from Fil-British player Chris Greatwich. He was signed to a two-month probationary contract five weeks from applying. McEnemy, 33, has since been inked to a one-year extension. He is widely known as the youngest football coach with a national team today.



  1. "Martinez said he had no hand in choosing Englishman Simon McEnemy to coach the national team."

    Mr. Martinez , this is your only achievement thus far, not having anything to do with choosing Englishman Simon McEnemy to coach the national team.


    So this is your 3 year plan?

    1. Threats to Palami - for doing a great job. A job you cannot do in your entire term.

    2. Threats to PFF itself with statements like "FIFA might just suspend the PFF"

    3. Putting down Azkal with statements like "I can form another national team that’s better than what we’ve got now"

    4. Threats to the coach with statements like "I’m now negotiating to recruit a Brazilian coach Rick Figuerido "


    Honestly- ang kapal ng mukha mo! You sell out Azkal for gate reciepts...pera pera lang ang nasa utak mo - mahiya ka sa sarili mo!

    Your days is numbered..79 days to go!

  2. Ang kapal ng mukha mo Martinez!!its time for you to go...no one wants you...your unpatriotic. Its all about money with you. I hope you are voted out.

    I cant believe you just said those things to our national team and to Manager Palami and Coach Mcmenemy who have all done a great job! you are the Virus in PFF

  3. I don't know who is right and who is wrong. I just know that its sad that throughout all the success the boys are having, we have, like always, found a way to distract ourselves with politicking. Welcome to the Philippines.

    Tama na. kakainis and padaplisdaplis (i.e. "i'd prefer the national team to just focus on the Suzuki cup" but of course he had to say that he can form a better one)

    Can't all this sh*t wait until after the Suzuki Cup???

    Go Azkals!

    on a side note, i've happily purchased my PHL team jersey. I've been checking Mizuno for one since early this year but only recently have they put it in stock. Get the home jersey, looks much better :)

  4. There must be a greal deal of truth to the allegations against Martinez (whether its graft or simply incompetence. Why else would the National Team and even Dan Palami who once was close to Martinez, write the open letter? Why else would 25 out of 33 FA's boot him out?

    On top of this, he is insensitive to the sports fans who celebrate the achievements of the National Team and who would want a glimpse of the team play vs. Indonesia here in the Philippines. This is the biggest missed opportunity for Philippines football and no amount of money can replace this. This is one thing that Martinez in his own narrow mind or perhaps out of spite or just to boost his own ego, fail and refuse to understand. There is no iota of doubt in my mind that this guy does not deserve to sit another minute as prexy of PFF.

  5. At least 79 days na lang term nya.
    If he does do anything stupid like firing McMenemy, the next president could simply undo the damage.

    He calls this a retaliation? It's more like digging his own grave even deeper.

    We should START A PETITION or something

  6. Martinez should just keep quite and stop threatening the National Team. As a player himself, he should know that his statements will demoralize the team further aggravate the situation. For not moving a finger to fight for the semis home game, Martinez'name will live in infamy and in Philippine football history as the one who botched this golden opportunity.

  7. its sad that FIFA is corrupt, and that they will back up Martinez. that is why this fool mari doesnt want to shut up.

  8. Kung ipagpatuloy pa ni Martinez ang kagaguhan nya, football fans all over the nation may actually start protests against him. Can you imagine that? Mga footballer na nagrarally?

    Martinez has got to be the stupidest leader that any organisation can ever have.
    Just another thought...
    Paano kung iwan ni Palami ang position nya bilang team manager dahil sa bullshit na yan?
    bad news...

    See how much crap you cause, Martinez?

  9. I think, Martinez is an unpatriotized man and also stupid person.

    I read statement from news media in Indonesia. The statement said that "Indonesia will not gives ALL gate receipts to PFF(Martinez) because the organization that wants the match helded at jakarta is PFF itself".

    So, he will get nothing !!

  10. @ above comment :

    Yes, that was true. That was the statement from Indonesian Football Association. Poor you Martinez ! WTF !! we got nothing from you !

    Count Down....79 days to go!

  11. 79 days to go?
    Martinez sucks!

  12. We, clarified with Martinez about the $16,ooo he mentioned that Palami owes Bulpin and he said, " I never mentioned that amount of $16,000 and said about $4,000 dollars that Palami owed Bulpin."
    So pls , writers or journalists, who continue to write of post anything that is not true have been the catalysts for fights and wars.

    The Philippine Team has accused PFF of not even communicating with the team in Hanoi but apparently Martinez has been in contact with Palami. Now from what we have observed and gathered from people around them is that Palami has been maliciously warding off the Team from Martinez and has also campaigned using the team to go against Martinez.
    Our sources also said that Palami claims that he alone has been spending money on the Philipppine Team but facts show that PFF under Martinez administration has spent more not only in terms of money but opportunities to have exposure to keep playing outside the Philippines. PFF has worked on Sponsorships for them and not Palami.
    Our sources say that Palami has become so big headed and walks on shoes that are too big for him to fit in. sources say that Palami was not that way before as they had a good relationship with Martinez until "he had contaminated with the Araneta camp disease". One said, "that virus they have is vicious and malicious and anyone they get hold of or even talk to gets contaminated. It's highly CONTAGIOUS! If you are one that has a hidden agenda or ambitious and self-seeking and is proud and greedy, you immediately will contract the disease after being with the Araneta camp!"

  13. Our sources say that this malicious campaign to remove Martinez as president has been going on for a long time and was spearheaded by man called Borromeo (father of Aly Borromeo, player of National Team). Borromeo and Martinez were friends and quite close once upon a time. Borromeo is a" king maker". He supported the candidacy of Martinez as president of PFF thinking that he had a great influence over Martinez. The rift began when Borromeo realized that Martinez refused to be a puppet president and be controlled and dictated to do the whims of Borromeo. It was a bad seperation and a source said that Borromeo since then vowed to do everything possible to have martinez removed.

    A source said that Martinez was a professional football man that inspite of the attacks that Borromeo hurled towards Martinez, Martinez made sure that it would not involve or affect Aly Borromeo who was in the National Team. Another source said, Aly Borromeo was always a cocky, medyo mayabang guy and always thought he could get away by doing anything he wants even disobeying rules of the team and get away with it because his father was in power then. It was always that way in the past PFF administration. He felt untouchable until Martinez became president and changed all the corrupt system in PFF. Aly Borromeo toned down when he realized his so called antics would not work

  14. An inside source said that Palami who makes himself look like a hero to the Phillippine Team and to media is not low profile as everyone thinks. A soure said that he smells so good now to everyone but Palami inside is rotten. He was part of the plan to make sure that Martinez would be hated by everyone. including the Philippine Team that had a good relationship with Martinez. Palami has even made sure that martinez cant get near the team by housing them in his Dasmarinas home. This sounds fishy to me if i may comment.

    Sources say that Martinez has always been a professional football man and has always worked for football not for money. A source said that Martinez was considered the "Mr Football" during his time and has always dreamed that football would be the number one sport where Filipinos can excel because he saw it during their time.

    Sources said that Martinez will not play dirty against his detractors the way they have maliciously tried to destroy him and his family. He will deal with facts.
    A source said that Palami better be careful with what he has been accusing PFF. Palami might be up there because he has stepped on and destroyed someone unjustly. A source said, "SAVIOR, he is not, savior maybe if he starts to be truthful and just and selfless! He does not even know what it is to truly sacrifice. He is not a football man! Palami should not get all the credit. Give credit to where credit is due!"

  15. As we were observing all of this, we throw a question to all of you. Why can't you all work together to make football what it should be in the country. Why does everybody want to be in the limelight. It"s too hot there anyway. If everybody just worked selflessly together then we will be great in football. Does it matter who gets the credit.

    To the Philippine Football Team who has made us proud, do not allow yourselves to be polluted by people around you. Do not allow yourselves to be used for their own benefit. Stay true to the game and true to yourselves. Open you eyes to the truth. Be true to football. Kudos!

  16. All the ones that have commented here with your foul mouth and malicious tongue ay talagang halatang halata na galing sa campo ng Araneta. Magkano ba ang binayad sa inyo!

  17. Martinez must have conveniently forgot that his former friend Henry Tsai was also responsible for Bulpin's expenses. I guess Martinez took his money as well.

  18. wow, so many sources. hahahaha. martinez defenders should just shut up. magkano kaya share nyo sa mga pera na nawala sa pff? there's no brainwashing going on. the players themselves are disillusioned with martinez's leadership because he has done a very poor job. release papers nlg ng armed forces players pahirapan pa. hay naku

  19. THIS IS NOT A MAKE STORY BY THE BLOG AUTHOR. This is from an article "Martinez on the warpath" SPORTING CHANCE By Joaquin Henson at Philstar.

    If you are saying that these were half thruths in this article - write to Joaquin Henson at Philstar.

    Are you a paid hack by Martinez?

  20. he is not a paid hack!! hes mari, he is so greedy that he wont part with his precious pesos for a paid hack!!! hek hek hek

  21. ow just shut all those defending Martinez!he is corrupt, insensitive and unpatriotic!If Dan Palami hasn't stepped in where would or national team be?...heck where is football now in Philippines under Martinez?...You can keep defending him with brainwashing, but we all just have to look at the state of football in our country. VERY POOR!! this all under the leadership of Martinez. Now he dares to talk down on the team?....79 days bilang na araw mo!


  22. Why dont you put your real names on the blog? All these anonymous people claiming Martinez is innocent and deserve praise? Your letting Martinez take all the flack but wont risk putting your names?? If you dont even attach a name its like one of those members of a robbery gang who gets interviewed in TV talking about what the their other gang members did? Is it a similar situation?

    Your boss just threatened to drop the entire team and the coach before the most important semi final matches of the country in its history. Then he calmly says lets see how far they go. That really shows your support Martinez, way to go!! You cant beat a dead horse. No one will believe you no matter how many paid hacks you have participating in this blog. Your constituents have no more confidence or credibility in you. In Japan, they commit hara kiri in these situations. Thats what men with honor will do. But obviously you dont have honor nor any interest in seeing this team become successful. You just cant wait until they fall can you Martinez? They havent even fallen and you are already saying you could have done better. With all the power and money donated to the PFF, what have you done since you have taken over? Have any of our teams ever participate in world cup qualifiers since youve taken charge? Have they been minutely successful? Even the guys successfully coached by Rudi Delrosario in the homeless world cup hasnt even mentioned any assistance from the PFF. The only reason this Azkal team is where it is is because you dont support them. Thats the truth and everyone knows it. So just shut up and let whatever time you have left run out and not cause anymore damage. Let the real stakeholders take control of the incompetent PFF.

  23. Hey Martinez and the rest of the hacks here, I put my name here and promise..i will eat every word and apologize if you can create a team that can go as far this team has gone. Without Etheridge, the Younghusbands, Araneta, Borromeo, Gener, Di Jong, Johnsson, who the hell are you gonna field?? Comon show yourselves and stop being Anonymous. I bet you cant even spell that if it wasnt provided in the drop down. And you want to put together a competitive team? How long have you guys been in charge and you havent even made a dent in getting football in the national focus? The only headline Martinez got is all these graft and corruption allegations. Stop trying to fool us..it wont work anymore..the stink of what is the worst excuse of a federation has reached high heavens..I just hope Pnoy can get involved behind the scenes and do what he needs to do to get Martinez out.

  24. Wow. Martinez is even a bigger fool than I thought.

  25. WTG Jay M. Three years and nothing to show but excuses and scandals. Pro-Martinez people are full of stories and devoid of facts. It seems that being factual is not their MO. FYI, using the word SOURCES, does not make it any more real than Peter Pan (no offence to Pan) and come to think of it, the source might be Martinez himself! Hi, I'm President Martinez of the PFF and my first character witness is: President Martinez!

    Try posting some memos, reports (not the made-up variety), and the like, and we just might give the shit you post a second read.

  26. All those BRAINWASHED FOOL! who keep defending Martinez can keep saying what you like...results speak for it self..the fact it the national squad is alot better not under Manager Palami and coach Mcmenemy which probably the beach coach we had in years...They're combination brough the best in our squad and I believe even if they don't Play home (Because Unpatriotic Martinez)they are on high morale that they can go futher!..they already have and Martinez has nothing to do with these..........kapal nya to get credit to the national team,s recent achievements and then he insults them?...seems senseless! YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED!! You will be voted out...

  27. Falling out with long-time friends, Borromeo and then Tsai and who's next? That does not speak too well of Martinez.

  28. “Bulpin has threatened to sue the PFF and FIFA knows about it. If this isn’t settled, FIFA might just suspend the PFF"

    If there are plans to suspend PFF it definitely won't be before the AFC elections scheduled very early January and probably even before the FIFA May elections.

    That's why Martinez is being protected----and Martinez knows this!

    He may be even making money in these two events by selling his vote to the highest bidder OR most likely will vote for Hammam's anointed one--------so Martinez will continue to enjoy dictationg to AFC regarding the Philippine Football Affairs!

    Can't fool everyone martinez!

  29. So the Indonesians claim that PFF wanted the game in Jakarta? If this is true then Martinez sold us out. Unpatriotic is not the word that describes him, try treasonous.

  30. Meron pa lang mga taga-punas ng puwet ni Martinez dito... how much Martinez paid you guys for licking his balls?

    Puro kayo salita ng salita para lang ipagtanggol si Martinez... here's a question for you wankers.. where is the annual aid by FIFA to PFF goes? Remember the 2007 Centennial Anniversary of Philippine Football. FIFA President Blatter gave Martinez huge sum of money to help Philippine football develop. Where is it now? Obviously, you wankers are among the beneficiaries of that FIFA financial aid since Martinez paid you to cover his ass..

  31. "Sources say... sources say..." As any anon will tell you: DOX OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN. So what do you say, Martinez-defender? Got links to support your "sources say"?

    I didn't think so.

  32. Some backgrounds:
    It´s true that NCRFA ( and his President Mr. Borromeo )supported Mr. Martinez before election Dec. 2007, because he was telling that he never want to do anything w/ corruption and that he never will listen anymore to "bad" ( his own words ) former PFF President Romualdez-
    He was sitting in a nice Manila rstaurant w/ german DFB Bundesliga friend Hans Joachim Schmitz.. who listened to his "SWEARS " to be SERIOUS and that he will eliminate corruption..
    so that´s why he got support!

    After his election he FORGOT his swears and promises..
    so he droped away at first the HOMELESS WORLD CUP TEAM.. also the successfull FUTSAL WOMEN NATIONAL TEAM ( BRONCE MEDAL WINNER SEA GAMES ) ..
    also the well organized structures in PFF and kicked serious minded employees out of office !..
    he switched over again to Romualdez style
    ( read Forum of www.PFSA.biz )...
    Martinez used methods that he could get caesar supported by corrupt FIFA VICE PRESIDENT Bin Hammam, who need his VOTE !
    ( german media and british media reported about corrupt FIFA VICE PRESIDENT Bin Hammam ( who is also AFC PRESIDENT ))...

    so Mr. MARTINEZ think know he is FULL PROTECTED by FIFA !...

    BUT fact is also PHIL FOOTBALL not needs him and if PFF is SUSPENDED for a while ( we think only for very few weeks the suspension will hold on ).. Mr. Martineez will leave !

    so all football fans should be not afraid if PFF will be suspended.. its a chance for new cleaner start up !

  33. Thank you for the background info. It seems that Martinez supporters suffer from shortness of memory as well. A lot more, if you have the stomach for it, at www.pfsa.biz

    Well this act of treason by Martinez will be his crowning achievement in RP football and I hope he is remembered for it.

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  35. Mari Martinez is one of the best Presidents PFF ever had. In such a short time, he has elevated the Philippine football to where it is today. He has thwarted the rebellion of 25 most corrupt FA leaders in the country and has remained as PFF President until now. He has disciplined the National Team captain, Aly Borromeo, (Martinez must really be a hands-on guy, is he not? but his biggest so far is appointing Dan Palami as team manager and left him alone which eventually paved the way for the win against Vietnam. Oh, another thing, by refusing to fight for the Philippines bid to host the semis, he has made a statement to our sports officials and the government that they should be serious to fund a world class football venue. What a guy. What a guy

  36. "WAT TA GUY?" - GAGO!
    Come on, we are not stupid! Kelan mo ba nakita si Martinez sa field, anong hands on na pinagsasabi mo? Eh andun lang yan pagmay media o pag-aalis na ang team e. Lagi lang yan dun sa opisina nya natutulog ng nakataas ang paa at humihingi ng kape nya.
    If you want to defend your master, put your name here (ikaw ba yung bagong secretary nya), post your real sources so we can verify them.

  37. Iam seeing a lot of interest in Azkal jerseys..I think as a form of protest, fans should design their own jerseys. If we buy the Mizuno jersey, Martinez will get a cut and we will just end up enriching him and he will be laughing all the way to the bank.... Lets stop helping this federation. Somebody should design a new jersey and proceeds should go to something more worthwhile than Martinez' bank account..any ideas?

  38. about Martinez getting a cut from the jerseys:

    The jersey IS fan-designed. Mizuno started a jersey-designing contest and picked the best one.
    You can google it.
    And I doubt if Martinez is getting a cut from it.

    P.S. Down with Martinez!

  39. Sources say:
    Jakarta Globe said that the Indonesia Football Association will shoulder the air fare and all expenses incurred by the Azkals in Indonesia but they will NOT give a share of the earnings to the PFF.

    Anong masabi mo ngayon "Sources say"??

  40. The nerve of these Martinez apologists/paid hacks. It seems Mari has hired a p.r. firm or maybe a p.r. rat named Ronnie Tanginanielsz.

  41. Chill guys. I believe the last post praising Martinez "what a guy...." is just sarcasm.

  42. I did not know the jersey was fan designed but as long as the PFF logo is on it, it will get a percentage of profits from each sale. Thats how all federations make money from merchandise sales. All iam saying is any money made by the PFF now will always pass thru the hands of Martinez as PFF president. Unless some one can confirm that his access to funds has been cut. Since he is still going to Indonesia to sell este negotiate the Philippine position, someone is paying for that..i still think he has power over the PFF purse which I think we can all agree is detrimental to Philippine football.

  43. Good news, President Aquino will meet with the Azkals..hopefully Martinez will stay away. He is probably squirming on his seat to try to get an invitation to that meeting. Maybe Pnoy can help put Martinez in his place. His best position would be janitor..

  44. Another good place for martinez is somewhere far away from the meeting.

    Palami and the team will not want martinez there anyway.

  45. Another good news!!! (I'm not the same "Anonymous" as the guy before me)

    Manny Pangilinan donated 1 Million to the Azkals!


    Azkals will meet with Pres.?
    With his anti-corruption policy, maybe Martinez will be persuaded to do the right thing (i.e. jump off a tall building)

  46. Great news! This is how I see this drama playing out...

    Azkals players, Palami, Martinez, will all attend the good luck send off meeting with the President. The president (or some deputy) will take Martinez to a corner and "talk" him into stepping down. Interpret "talk" however you want -- urge, threat, cajole, buy out, negotiate, strong arm, plead, whatever. But it will be an offer Martinez will find difficult to refuse.

    Now FIFA doesn't like governments interfering with football associations. On the other hand there is the issue of a possible criminal investigation because of the alleged financial anomalies with Martinez, and this is where the president/government comes in. It would be foolish for FIFA to support a head that would be convicted of a crime. A crime of stealing/mismanaging the funds they gave.

    Patience fans, but keep up the noise to remove him. Martinez is digging his own grave.

  47. I dont thin Martinez can get any cut from jersey profit, and he is not a signatory of any PFF banks anymore right? We should keep supporting the jersey ang cross finger this Mari guy leaves.

    It show want kind of person he is by saying those thing about the Azkals in the middle of the semi finals. Im not only saying he is a bad PFF President but he is a bad person/human being.

  48. Martinez’ statement is not only deplorable but utterly disgusting! The person was quoted that he had no hand in the recruitment of mcmenemy, and if that’s the cases he cannot take any credit in the success this trainer has had. He also said that he referred to bring in a Brazilian as coach, who according to reggaeboyzsc.com was only a “technical analyst” for the Jamaican national team in 2000 during the tenure of Rene Simoes. And according to the same website, in 2003 when asked what he he busy was doing he commented that he was “Mostly coaching youth soccer in the United States. I developed 3 teams 3 years ago, U10's for the Southern California League.” I am not questioning the achievements and credentials of Rick Figuerido. But for Martinez to make these kinds of assertions the most crucial stage of the tournament or in the recent history of our game is not only mad but destructive. This kind of person belongs in the bottom of the ocean and has no business running our football federation. I really don’t know what his interest is, the only thing I know that it is not football especially not our football.