07 December 2010

Binay wants pool of football players

FOLLOWING the success of the country’s national football team against Asia’s powerhouse, Vietnam, Vice President Jejomar Binay called for a nationwide training program to assure a steady pool of capable players.

Binay said the country should not rest on its laurels and instead start a program to enhance the development of sports in the country

The national team, dubbed the “Azkals”, defeated defending champion Vietnam 2-0 in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Football Federation Suzuki Cup.

“The recent triumphs also show that the Philippines is now on the way to regaining its place in the sports of football, an arena where the country used to be a powerhouse in the early 1900s," Binay added.

He said beating Vietnam boosted Philippines' chance in the next round. Azkals, which lost to Vietnam in their encounter in 2002, now leads Group B of the competition followed by Myanmar.

President Benigno Aquino III has already congratulated the team.

“These victories affirm yet again the Filipino's drive to excel, noting further that the Philippine team's triumph in the Suzuki Cup signifies an enthusiasm to join the community of nations in the international arena of football,” Aquino said.

Sun Star Manila


  1. It's about time!

    Isn't it a wonder how big of an impact a win against Vietnam is making in Philippine football?

  2. I had a look at the FIFA rankings and then clicked on the women's rankings. They are not ranked because they have been inactive for more than 18 months. Our futsal women won SEA Games bronze. Our football women beat and tied Hong Kong in HK. Now they don't play. If not for Palami our men's team probably would not be playing. Money talks. BS walks.

  3. Binay's suggestion might have good intentions but the real way to go is to develop the Philippine LBC cup. Its not as sustainable, not to mention more expensive, to simply sustain a pool of players with government money. If the domestic league is competitive, the players will stay in shape and continue to improve because their work dictates them to do so. World cup squads are put together by their managers but the players stay in shape and play vs top level competition in their own pro leagues.
    On a side note, the back 4 played great vs Vietnam but they are all in their late 20's and early 30's so yes, we need new blood waiting in the wings.

  4. I hope the statement of VP J. Binay would give good results not only because Philippine team has made a name at this moment in ANFF Suzuki Cup. I hope whatever the outcome in this cup our countrymen would still support and regain the popularity of the football soccer sport in the Philippines.