19 December 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup - Indonesia 1-0 Philippines

AFF Suzuki Cup Semifinal, Second leg

Sunday 19. Dec : Philippines - Indonesia in Jakarta (1 PM CET, 8 PM Philippines)

Video from ABS CBN

Tv : Studio 23 in Philippines from 8 pm to 10 pm and Star Sports

Livestream : www.bet365.com (register) and http://www.mips.tv/channel.php?u=2586

Livescore : www.futbol24.com and www.spbolive.com

Good luck !


  1. Same starting XI: Neil, Rob, Ray, Aly, Anton, Jason, Roel, Chris, James, Phil and Ian

    The match is more than sold out !!

  2. Another livestream with no register :


  3. Indonesia score 1-0, Gonzales 44 th min

  4. 1-0 Indonesia...

    I think it's over for the Philippines? :(

  5. *sigh*

    Super strike. Nothing you can do about that.

  6. We still have the 2nd half. Its time to make a change, its upsetting to see that we cant create chances.

  7. The commentator is Anti-Pinas... -.-

  8. Mahal ka pa rin namin, Azkals

  9. dami nating corners, sayang

    i think we lost to a better team

    when will the challenge cup be, cant wait to cheer the azkals again

    azkals woof woof

  10. Thanks for the team even if they didnt make it to the finals.
    I hope every Filipinos will love this sport more and I hope we could create a more stronger team and more players to play for International matches next time.

    Im more excited with the growth of football in the country on the coming days and I wish for the betterness of all Pinoy footballers.

    Me and my friends will always love and support you.

    We've known lots of Pinoy footballers out there whom we think can play the game. We wish for their success and wish the staff could create a variety of players. We've been grateful to the Filam players and wish their success too.

    We still believe of the world class skill of a true Filipino, let alone our contribution to the sports.
    All we need right now is good football governance with the help of our leaders and the support of all Pinoy......

  11. they not made it to the finals but still they are good for me,,,,philippines is not really fond of playing soccer,,,its just starting to be play with some filipinos

  12. Congrats to the Team!!! Even though you did not make it to the finals... its a nice run.... giving us the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful game!!!!

    GO Azkals!!! GO PHILIPPINES!!!!

    WILL TAKE THE CUP IN 2012!!!!!

  13. For the Indons, congratulations but dont think me and my friends will forget you mocking us there.
    REMEMBER!! this is theee beginning
    If ever we will host the 2012, get ready to pack up your things and go home...


    YOull sssseeeeeee the wraaaatttthhhhhh of Azkals

  14. VERY NICE GAME PHILIPPINES pressuring INDONESIA much .. PHILIPPINES CHANCES TO SCORE bUT failed . very RESPECTFUL o:1 . PHILIPPINES can be VERY PROUD OF AZKALS which has shown a SUPER FIGHT! Indonesia was TIRED and glad game was over in advance to THEM.If PHILIPPINES could play HOME GAME sure INDONS could loose.Corrupt... Mr. PFF PRESIDENT MARTINEZ is VERY GUILTY that PHILIIPINES could not play in advance HOME FANS.

  15. I am a soccer player too in womens division in our university... i am a goaler.. iknow what etheridge feels everytime the enemy is near..most especially when you feels a little anger into the other team... I salute etheridge, for me he gave his hundred percent in playing....he is extraordinary..."Xette"

  16. yeah...your right guys!!!...sana man lang they even show a little respect into our kababayans... AZKAL teams i think was demoralized and culture shock of what they had witnessed as they reach jakarta...they where being played..mocked...and insulted....we are not like that...we did not hurt our visitors..=( why some of them show an unhospitable manner.


    Playoffs (February 9 and 16, 2011)

    Playoff 1: Bhutan vs Afghanistan
    Playoff 2: Philippines vs Mongolia
    Playoff 3: Chinese Taipei vs Laos
    Playoff 4: Cambodia vs Macau

    GROUP STAGE (March 20-31, 2011)

    Group A: Myanmar, Palestine, Bangladesh, winner of playoff 2

    Group B: Turkmenistan, India, winner of playoff 3, Pakistan

    Group C: Tajikistan, Maldives, winner of playoff 4, Kyrgyzstan

    Group D: DPR Korea, winner of playoff 1, Nepal, Sri Lanka

  18. Philippines lost to Uruguay not Indonesia..
    Well done AZKALS!!

  19. No the Philippines lost to Indonesia no matter how you put it.

  20. ^
    Hahaha and Indonesia beat a european team, not filipinos. I guess thats what the indoesians are saying right now.

    Seriously, you stfu. Youre probably one of them new fans who started cheering for the team these past weeks. Yes, stfu.

  21. Thanks for the guy who post the next matches. Me and my friends were also waiting for this.
    Not to offend the Mongolians but if we really play against them then the bigger chances for us to qualify for the cup since they werent performing well in their previous matches.

    The past months we had new Fil Am players and I was delighted with it but I do think Indonesians were better than us tonight and its of no good to talk about the issue of an Uruguayan or whatsoever. Losing is part of Winning. The guy were allowed to play for them and that means everythings legal.

    Me and my friends got mad with the Indons approach to our fans, mocking them, those stuff but these Indons players were different. They respected us even their coach. But again my hatred to those fans remains.

    Congratz for both teams, lets focus on the real issue of our football governance and forget these craps of nonsense talk in these blog.


  22. Hoping that our local media will also cover the Azkals game in AFC Challenge Cup next year....

    Go Philippines!!!

  23. The Azkals gave us all something to hope for. Hopefully the rest of the country will catch on and show how much more intense this game is. The respect for us is there considering Indonesia has a professional league and probably can choose from hundreds of players. In fact Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore have a decent domestic league. Now its time to see what should be done to improve this team. Well done Azkls,youve done us all proud!

  24. A lot of changes in Philippines' Football Teams...they can implement the attack and defence by balance, really good passing-flow to see, and really good defence to break.

    Well I believe this team will gain more improvement within next years. Simon McMenemy can find more suitable players and tactics to improve the team.

    For sure, Philippines should have to hold the Professional League so good players will be born.

    Japanese has the J-League, Korean has the K-League, and Indonesia has I-Super League.

    Phil and James maybe will try their luck in ISL, some teams already give an offer to them.


  25. We really need a professional soccer league if we want to develop our footballing. Not to upset our great Fil Am players but if you look with our non-pro Pinoy footballers, pure Pinoy footballers, they were also fit, tall and big.
    But they still lack the experience, so a league with proper financial backing would be a dream come true. In comparison to our SEA neighboring countries and some of our ASIA neighboring countries we had the edge physically plus the height.

    I think if theres a balance between basketball and football in our country, Im sure we're considered a powerhouse in football right now.
    Goodluck with my footballer friends

  26. Fil Am? This is football, not basketball. Jonsson is from Iceland not the USA. I believe there was one US born player on the Azkals. However they are all RP citizens and of Filipino parentage. I wonder what Qatar is going to be doing to get players to play for them in the World Cup.
    I can tell you that none of the Azkals joined the team to make any money. I am sure that many had to make sacrifices for the honour of representing their homeland. Lets make sure that both national teams have a place where we can cheer them on to victory.

  27. This azkal team were amazing but Im hoping I could see a more native filipino footballers months or years from now. A proper financial support for this sport should increase the number of potential players. For the years that I've been supporting the Philippine football I dont believe that were not performing well at this sport. There are thousands of skillful filipino footballers there let alone my friends who werent given the chance to play and time passed they didnt have choice but to stay with a job and quit the sport since theres no proper financial backing.
    Me and my friends still believe that the skills are still there and if we only had this pro league matches with nice training ground and stadium we could have been in level with these SEA powerhouses years ago.
    It would be awesome to watch native filipinos play like the japanese and the koreans

  28. Now that Suzuki is over, some work needs to be done. PFF has a lot on its plate at the moment. I hope this episode with martinez goes away so that some serious football management can begin.

    The only pertinent discussion about lineage has to do with the developmental programs in the countries of birth of our Fil-Euro contingent. The Philippines became competitive not because Younghusbands and company were half European or American, but because of the DEVELOPMENTAL ENVIRONMENT in the places they grew up in.

    Bring that same environment (techniques, training, teaching and everything else) to the ALL the kids playing football and within a decade, we will not need to import talent. Not that these young men aren't welcome to play, but its about building a robust and successful football industry and this can only be achieved with a continuous flow of home grown grassroots talent through all age groups. This is where developmental leagues leading to a top-caliber professional league comes in to play.

    Some quarters have told me that a grassroots program will not succeed in the Philippines. They have told me that we can only produce De Vegas, Pacquiaos, in other words, talented individual sportsmen. I could not disagree more.

    PFF need to be more proactive and with Araneta's leadership I think it will be. For as long as he can change the culture and mentality within the football family then that is a good start. All good programs will falter if the same bad habits and attitudes carry over into his administration. With the right people, football might finally realize its potential in the Philippines.

  29. We dont believe nor agree that we cant produce a solid footballers without importing players. Money is just the issue here, live soccer matches, stadium, training ground, fans, govt support, non-corrupt leaders.

    A true Pinoy, is unstoppable, even if its bloody wounded. Were not after the looks here but the skills. Ask Pacquaio and Reyes, oh my,,,they were extraordinarily out of this world.
    Ive been supporting this team for so many years and its just so depressing hearing someone from the team who talk crap about looks even wihtout winning.
    Congratz to the azkals in advance!

  30. tama ka hyena. more filipino fans can relate to local football heroes than foerign pinoys. our goal now is to strengthen our local players. its cheaper too since they don't have to travel overseas for training. in the mexican league, their most popular team is Chivas de Guadalajara. they got the most championships, and they don't use imports. that is a statement.