15 December 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup : Philippines 0-1 Indonesia FT

AFF Suzuki Cup Semifinal, first leg

Thursday 16. Dec : Philippines - Indonesia in Jakarta (1 PM CET, 8 PM Philippines)

Tv : Studio 23 in Philippines from 8 pm to 10 pm and Star Sports

Livestream : www.bet365.com (register)

Livescore : www.futbol24.com and www.spbolive.com

Good luck !


  1. azkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaals

  2. Roel Gener is expected to start instead of injured Caligdong.

  3. Goodluck Azkals!......We are all with you!

  4. what is the strategy line up of azkals today? Indonesians went for 4-4-2. I think we should deploy more to our midfields, maybe 5

  5. Match start in 8 mins... Im at work and cant watch the match. Update pls...

  6. jonny whats the line up of azkals, I didnt watch the game....

  7. Dapat draw ito at the very least. Hindi ciguro narinig ni Jonsson yung call ni Etheridge dahil sa ingay. But still, no excuses. Good game Azkals. 1-0 is a win that Indonesia will take, but not a convincing win over an ASEAN "whipping boy."

  8. Im sorry I could not watch the match at work . I guess the line up was same as in Myanmar match ? I will post news from the match later

  9. A good game by the Azkals, even though we lost. But we showed Garuda that we are not "whipping boys" anymmore....

    What ever happens, in this semis... we are all proud of you.....

    Go Azkals!!! Go Philippines!!!

  10. Hayshhh.. The Philippines deserves a draw. We played very good football.

    Well yeah.. We can win next week!! =D

  11. I've been watching the game in onepinoy.net... and I cannot help but to be disgusted on the comments posted on the chat forum....These so called Azkals fans are lambasting the team for being 'bobo','tanga', etc....

    Is these really true football fans? or just wannabees riding in Azkals popularity? If so, I hope they shut up.... and support our team what ever happens!!!

    Being in the semis is an achievement in Philippine Football.... Though we all dream going to the finals and winning it... But for now JUST SUPPORT OUR TEAM WHAT EVER HAPPENS... SHOW THEM THE RESPECT THEY DESERVED....


  12. wonder what is the outcome if this match plays in Phil?
    but don't loss hope, we still on the game. there's is 90 minutes left to play.

    starting line up


    a. del rosario- gier - barromeo - jonnson

    gener - de jong - greatwich

    p.younghusband - j. younghusband


    its look like they'd play 4-3-2-1 (4-5-1)

  13. I should not be surprised that some people (on other blogs) are too critical. It may be a by-product of their high expectations. But some of their words are simply abhorrent and uncalled for. There will always be positives and negatives but the one constant is that the Philippines is starting to play at a higher level. The team did well and it makes me proud to be a Filipino.

    The team will be the first to admit that they need a lot of work and that is a good first step. If the Indonesians know our weak points, then so do the Azkals. It is always easier to quarterback from the comfort of our homes.

    I hope people who take this loss in a less than honorable way will continue to support football. I know I will. We are in new territory, and I hope the best and not the worst of the Filipino prevails. If we are to move to the next level, only the best in us will take us there.

  14. Great game boys.

    We showed that we can play with the big guns (albeit of SEA) and Phil Younghusband forced two good saves from Markus in the early minutes. We also saw that we have the ability to maintain possession and attack when presented the opportunity.

    I think Neil mis-timed his jump or something.

    But overall, a great game. We really have shown marked improvement in just a few months. 90 more minutes to play, go Azkals!

    p.s. was this our "home" game? Was wondering why the boys were in blue and not in white.

  15. Technically playing 4-5-1 is the best option for the next match. I didnt watch the game but I knew Indons were playing 4-4-2. They were better in the midfield but to hinder their play we have to outplayed them in the midfields. Its just 1 nil.
    Next match should be more on attack and the midfields hopefully will stay fit and give their very best on the 2nd leg.

    I hope Araneta could find his feet for goooaaaallls. The team is relying on him for this.

    I guess everybody knows the weakness of the Indons. And our weakness of todays play is just scoring goals.

    Im sure we can beat them on the 19th of December 2010. And suck it up Indons for your selfishness

  16. Go go go go azkals.....

  17. Watched the highlights again. Mix-up between Jonnson and Etheridge but a similar thing almost happened when Markus and his defender got mixed-up (i think it was Greatwich and not J Younghusband who did the pseudo bicycle) which was heroically headed away on the goaline.

    Game could have gone either way.

    Go Azkals, i think you earned their respect. Now its time to earn some points. Good luck in your next match!

  18. Could have been different if it was played at home.

  19. Pinoy AZKAL in Jakarta17 December 2010 at 02:15

    Great Game, AZKALS deserved a draw at the least it was miscommunication with the defensive line and the keeper otherwise the game could have gone either way. Watched the game here in Jakarta with a handful of Pinoys in a bar packed with Indonesians and guess what ... they gave us lots of respect and credit because of our performance. It was a hard game for them where weeks before they scored at will vs Malaysia(5-1) & Laos(6-0) and last night they had to fight to get the 1 - nil win.

    In 2004 they won against us by a scoreline of 13 - 1 then last night by a single goal (1 - 0) and the next game???

    The future is looking bright for Philippine Football.


  20. If you watched news from Indonesia, they had really given us lots of credit for this game and most of all respect esp from their coach. Its just bad that we couldnt play it at home, I think this semi final clash would have been more interesting if its a fair home away game. Now the best thing is to concentrate for the next game and be 100% fit for it. This time we should attack more. Im sure the defenders would always do a good job and its now time for the forwards to find a way for goals. We have to win this game because if we will, all eyes will be towards us and to the sports progress in the Phil.

    This is our moment.