15 December 2010

FIFA World Ranking - Philippines up 1

FIFA World Ranking for December was released today : Philippines up 1 to number 150.

The highest ever ranking for Philippines !

ASEAN rankings :

121 Thailand
127 Indonesia
137 Vietnam
140 Singapore
144 Malaysia
149 Myanmar
166 Cambodia
169 Laos
197 Brunei
201 Timor-Leste

FIFA website


  1. How I wish our politicians and businessmen and women invest through this sports.

    thanks for the update..

    btw, may I ask, are you a Filipino?

  2. wow really? any filipino blood? what draws you to philippine football?

  3. jonny is the asian football messenger, if you looking for asian football news/fixture/result, make sure its from jonny, because its reliable and fast! lol cheers mate

  4. i don't get the rankings. i really don't. how come the philippines moved only 1 notch?

  5. Jonny guy thanks but you know the rankings really doesnt matter. You knew were playing a poor football. We couldnt join the World Cup with tis performance.

  6. It is good to move up. It is good to be active and join competitions. The SEA Games and Olympics are U23 so I don't think they would count in the rankings if they competed. We cannot hope for a spot in the World Cup until we move up another 100 spots and earn an upset or two. Much smaller countries try to qualify for the World Cup. I read on the FIFA website that the tiny Caribbean island of Domenica is in World Cup qualifying and they have only 75,000 people in the whole country. It would be great if the PFF realized that if we had home games people would pay to see them and they could actually make some money. Right now the PFF thinks that hosting a game will cost them money. The MNT is playing in Indonesia and they expect to make money. The last time the WNT was in the AFC Cup they had to play a "home" game (which they won) in Hong Kong for financial reasons.

  7. Moving up in FIFA rankings shows that we're making progress and that's all that really counts. This is rather impressive considering football takes a backseat to basketball and boxing in RP. The Philippines can easily move up if the country invests more money in developing its players and on the RP's football league.

    On a side note, Jonny - please forgive me for my "harsh" comments about the inaccuracies your wrote regarding "naturalized" Filipino players and the head coach of RP team being Australia's coach.