20 December 2010

Philippines coach, players party in Twitter pics

Pictures of Indonesian actress Rahma Azhari with Philippines national soccer team coach Simon McMenemy have drawn people’s attention on Twitter.

The photos appeared on Rahma’s Twitter account, which was a re-tweet from her friend.

In the photos, Rahma was wearing a blue shirt and standing between two men. McMenemy’s arm was around Rahma in some of the photos.

The pictures were allegedly taken at a nightclub in Jakarta after yesterday’s match. Besides those photos, photos of players from the Philippines, including the Younghusband brothers, with unidentified girls were also circulating on Twitter.

Rahma said she was not dating the coach, “He's just a friend... What a lovely person... Glad to actually met him! Had a great time!” she tweeted.

She also said it was McMenemy in the picture by tweeting, “Yes that’s him... McMenemy feverrr... :))."

Jakarta Post


  1. I can see they're starting to claim their rewards for playing well. :P

    Go azkals!

  2. hi im from INdonesia :D, thanks for the post, i think Philipine has done a good playing in football. i hope someday Filipine will goes to the winner in one time footbal games.

  3. Its not peace time yet my friend, I still need the payback.

  4. What?? Payback?!

    How could you pay the 19-Wins and 1-draw bills between Indonesia-Philippines?!

    100 years, maybe? I dont think so!

    FYI, Indonesia U-19 and U-16 has joined the Quinta Division in Uruguay Soccer League. Last year, they were in 4th position of final table. And they were the finalist of Quintas Cup.

    Our wonderkid striker, Syamsir Alam, and our future skipper, Zainal Haq has signed 3-years contract with Penarol FC.

    To build a good teams need times, not only in one-night or one-month!

  5. Eat your balls buddy. Doesnt know what I mean?
    yeah theyre good team but a PAYBACK will happen when the time comes for us to host them here in our soil. They were mocking us there but Im sure they wouldnt sleep a bit when they comes here. Thats a payback. And its not peace time yet again.

  6. Go away aliens faces, you will cry like a baby when you come here in the Philippines so better watch your steps and better hid under the seats of your buses.

  7. I ate my balls so there're no more, and I will eat yours too!

    And you will cry like a human (I believe you understand my words) when you beg a proper Stadium to your governie!

    19-Wins and 1-Draw?

    It is to good to be true!

  8. alien faces?? tangna ka pala kapatid natin ang mga indones. ang pinoy kasi bilib masyado sa mga puti. galit sa sarili.

  9. Ako din Pinoy na ay nakatira sa Indonesia, ngunit ang pamahalaan Pilipinas masyadong marami ang katahimikan sa football doon. Indonesia Super League ay ang sagot ng Pagtuturo batang manlalaro na bumalik upang makipagkumpetensya sa Taylandiya at Vietnam. Matigas paligsahan at kumpetisyon ay mabuti sapat na dito.

    Lalo na muli Indonesia ay naghahanda ang kanyang mga batang sundalo sa Uruguay, ako ay tunay naninibugho sa lahat sa kanila. Alinman sa pamahalaan ang mga kapag ang Pilipinas ay tingin ng pagtataguyod ng football. Sana sa mga AFF 2010, ang paggawa ng kanilang mga mata bukas.

  10. The Philippines play was impressive!

    We are Indonesians believe that Philippines will become better sooner or later, don't hear the 'alian faces'...he just want disturb the real things between Indonesia and Philippines.

    A lot of things come from good and professional tournament, we hope there's one in your country.

    Some countries in SEA have good tournaments such as V-League, Thai League, Malaysia Super League, Myanmar Soccer League nd ISL.

    One of the key success factors is local competetion, so you can compare with Japan, Korean, Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Quwait.

    They have such good things, and overseas players want to joint the competetion, share experience, skills and tactics.

    Soccer is just a game, even in some countries they play along together.

  11. You befriend with the terrorists?
    I didnt say we like the whites so close your mouth, you better live in Indonesia you unpatriotic fool.
    Or you didnt watch the matches did you? I guess you can swallow whatsoever piss they spit onto you. They started the war and my friends were just fighting back.
    Being proud of oneself is isnt the issue here but the way they mock us during the game there, so whats wrong with payback. THEY WILL BE PUNISHED! including you

  12. Hey One-Leg Hyena!!!

    I ate my balls so there're no more, and I will eat yours too!

    And you will cry like a human (I believe you understand my words) when you beg a proper Stadium to your governie!

    19-Wins and 1-Draw?

    It is to good to be true!

  13. Sorry for the foul language.

    Its good to have arguments like this to increase the comments to this blog.

    Cheers to that,,,,,,
    Its good to have smart guys like you in this blog so hopefully true fans will always comment here.
    Sorry for the foul language again.

    See you soon on the pitch for the azkals coming game and goodluck to the team.

  14. Merry Christmas to everyone and sorry for my bad comments. Wish happiness to everyone.

  15. Me too hyena, I just loose control and leave my emotions around! It's no proper to give bad arguments here like I did before.

    Such a good things to see footballs without riots and intimidations. Congratulations to Philippines for reach the Semi in AFF 2010 and also for your new President of Philippines Football Association!

    Good Luck for the AFC Chalenge Cup!

    Nice to know that The SEA Football's Athmosphere turns to impressive competitive.

    Hope someday we have some Pinoy Footballers here playing in ISL, like the Thai and S'pore do.

    Have a good development there...

    Regards from somewhere in Jakarta Planet,
    .::Alien Faces::.

  16. 1 thing, football is not actually a big sport in the philippines, most of the players are not even full professionals unlike the indo team. I think its nice that football is being introduced in the philippines, its time to stop loving the tall mans game of basketball. Were asians were generally small.

    If just for comparison, the philippine team beats all other ASEAN countries in basketball. Like the ABL finals last year, Satria Muda cant even win a single game in the finals. So its unfair to compare them like that.

    Jadi nanti hati2 ngomongnya jangan ngomong jelek buat orang lain. Kan, di basket indonesia ga begitu biasa juga.

  17. @anonymous pinoy
    ang galing mo mag tagalog. nakalimutan ko na ung mga malalalim na salita kase 6 years na ko dito sa california. pero minsan nag babasa ako ng tagalog noli me tangere at el fili. sawa na ko mag-english dito.

  18. Huwag sumuko sa wikang Ingles doon. California ay isang napaka mabuting lugar na hitsura para sa tubo. May ka magtagumpay sa doon!