09 December 2010

Press statement from AFF - Confirmed venues for knock-out stages

Semifinals :

15. Dec Malaysia - Vietnam in Kuala Lumpur

16. Dec Philippines - Indonesia in Jakarta

18. Dec Vietnam - Malaysia in Hanoi

19. Dec Indonesia - Philippines in Jakarta



  1. can we at least play our home game in a neutral country

  2. not in a neutral country?

  3. what do you get if you have a GOOD PFF leadership?????

  4. they should at least fight that Azkals play in a neutral country!! putragis naman yan...

  5. Nasan ang Fifa Fair Play diyan? PFF umayos kayo.

  6. Disappointed talaga ako sa PFF!!!!! Wala rin magawa gobyerno natin baka sabihin may governmental interference gaya ng Brunei na suspended sa Suzuki Cup. PFF leadership talaga ang sisihin dito. Ikinahihiya namin kayo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imaginin nyo kahit Presidente mismo ng PFF walang kumpyansa sa team natin....Hindi siya nag-object na away-away ang kahinatnan natin if ever semis tayo....My golly! Magresign ka na ang kapal ng mukha mo!!! Dineprived mo ang bansang Pilipino sa isang natatanging at di makalimutan na pangyayari sana.

  7. i am an azkalero and i dont recognize martinez as pff president even if fifa insist. i support the leadership of mariano araneta as interim president. this cup, aff suzuki, has become for me the closest thing to a world cup experience, i will not be denied. i followed the formation of this team from the beginning, the involvement of mr palami, the hiring of macca, the qualifiers and now we're in the semis.what a ride. i will not be denied.


  9. Indonesian NT Fans9 December 2010 at 14:51

    Hi, I totally support that the first lag should be conducted at Philippines. Because, All of Philippines people should watch their Football NT and become the witness of their football raising moment.

    Once again, congratulation for being THE BIG FOUR in South East Asia this time !

  10. The sad truth is that the PH simply does not have the facilities that meet the stringent requirements for international competitions, with existing venues either too small or dilapidated. We have only have ourselves to blame for not investing in world class infrastructure to be able to host such prestigious events. On the bright side though, if the PH team does beat Indonesia on both matches in Jakarta, they would have the added prestige of winning (and advancing to the final) without any home advantage, making such a win even more significant :-)

  11. can you just imagine if we beat the Indonesians in both legs?

  12. This is the only positive i'll get out of this issue. now that we can't host our own semi-finals, it magnifies that we need to do something about our infrastructure (stadiums, facility, training grounds) and now knowing that our National team is greatly improving, we can start building/rehabilitating existing stadiums (Rizal, Panaad etc.) and by 2012 when we do reach the semi-finals again the stadiums will be readily available and we could all be cheering then.

    For now let's just hope we can get a result in Jakarta. I have a funny feeling about this semi-final. (We did beat Vietnam in front of their 40,000 fans)

    de ja vu?
    come on you Azkals!

  13. the POC has appealed. let's all hope and pray that it will be considered and a favorable outcome may result.

  14. http://www.facebook.com/pages/AFF-Bring-the-semifinals-to-the-Philippines/148278031888635
    Guys please like this page, let's campaign so we could get the home game here. Likewise u guys can go to the affsuzukicup.com website and email them concerning this matter. The Azkals deserve our support, let them play here!

  15. I mentioned in a previous post that not getting a home game would serve as a wake up call to the leadership that we need an international standard soccer stadium that's ready at a moment's notice. At least one.

    We can play the blame game all we want, but to me there really is no game -- Martinez is squarely to blame.
    1. no vision to have stadium ready if/when Azkals win
    2. mismanagement of funds
    3. no confidence from local FAs

    Any one of those would be enough, by itself, to justify removing him.

    Martinez -- resign now. Stay out of the picture and let soccer progress without your hinderance.

  16. Kawawa talaga ang mga Pinoy boys natin, wala na nga masyado supporta sa bansa natin katulad ng basketball,dinudugas pa yung funds nila ng PFF president na si Martinez, na sa larong pinaka popular sa boung mundo.. Biro nyo tinalo nila ang Vietnam with 40,000 people against them,tapos naka pasok sa semi-final round tapos sasabak uli na walang home match,agrabyado na naman sila..Tara protesta tayo sa Malacanang.

  17. lugi tayo guys if sa indonesia ang 2 games, imagine mo, ang stadium nila maka-accomodate ng 100,000 fans na for sure magcheer lang para sa indonesia. we need to do something about this

  18. Here is why the Philippines home game is in Jakarta



  19. Vietnam offered to host our game
    and you know what?

    I think it's one of their schemes para madali nilang mascout ang Pilipinas in case magkaharap ulit sila sa finals.

    Whahahahaa buking. :D

  20. Kung wala na talagang magagawa, di bale

    Indonesia may have 20,000+ fans watching in the stadium,

    but the Azkals will have 90+ million fans watching from back home.

  21. Alam nyo ba na nirerenovate ngayon ang Rizal Memorial Stadium?

    Pero kauumpisa lang yata ng work...

    and if it were done, it would surely be eligible since it was originally built to host the Asian Games

    frustrating fact, isn't it?

  22. If Philippines were to pick a stadium, it should be in Thailand, so the Thai's can root against Indonesia, the team that knocked them out of the tournament. What do you all say?
    Vietnam does want RP to play in their stadium so they can scout them. There are rumors floating around that the reason why some of the RP boys got food poison before the match against Vietnam is because the food that was served to them in Vietnam was tainted.

  23. Common sense. They can make money with a guaranteed 80k fans in Indonesia. Wish our president as our leader should do his part with this aff crap decision. If im em, I should kicked Mrtinez butt out into the Pacific ocean