15 December 2010

POC backs Araneta’s bid as PH head to FIFA

By Marc Anthony Reyes
Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines—The Philippine Olympic Committee reiterated on Wednesday its recognition of the Philippine Football Federation group led by Mariano Araneta, announcing that it has submitted its recommendation to the international football association (FIFA) to sanction the faction in the troubled association.

Chair Monico Puentevella said the POC also assured the national team members, collectively known as the Azkals, that they would not be disbanded as earlier reported.

"I assured them that it is the Philippine Olympic Committee, which finally decides who gets accredited and who does not," said Puentevella during the team’s sendoff Tuesday for the AFP Suzuki Cup semifinals in Jakarta Tuesday night. "That by reaching the semifinals, this country should reward them and not disband them. This is not the way we reward our athletes."

Puentevella said he assured national football coach Simon McMenemy on the team’s status. He said they did not have anything to worry about other than football.

According to Puentevella, the FIFA is now reviewing the papers they submitted endorsing recognition for Araneta's group.

During its congress on November 27, the PFF board elected Araneta as president after ousting Jose Mari Martinez due to total loss of confidence. The FIFA, however, continued to recognize Martinez as the election was not included in the congress’ agenda.

Puentevella and Araneta will be joining the team on Wednesday in Jakarta and plan to take this matter up officially with the Asian Football Federation in case it can still be reconsidered for the next or future matches.

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  1. Jose Mari Martinez is a major disgrace to Philippine Football. He should not be allowed to be associated with anything relating to football in RP. He's clueless and a total imbecile which is evidenced by his ludicrous remark about forming a "better" national team with a Brazilian coach. He's a media whore who wanted to get some of the spotlight during the time when the RP team is increasingly garnering more publicity and support. Let's hope that Araneta has the vision and leadership to take RP team to new heights.

  2. Odd thing Martinez said that ... but with all the Forces against him you cannot blame the guy. He will not stand to be ridiculed , lambasted , attacked , criticized , condemned without a word. The team should not be revamp or disbanded at this point in time , but he was just sighting that there are better players that need to be tapped which he named a few... Changing the coach, I totally agree... The credit of the AZKALS is its coach credit too, but he was just there for a month, and it is impossible for him to have developed, honed, prepared, and polished the skill of the team as he appear to have said & done. Give Credit where the Credit is due ... its just the Spirit of the players to WIN that made all this happen.

    If Mr. Araneta had that vision, what will he do for the improvement of the team... He will also make major changes somewhere along the line. Its just Mr. Martinez said it first and anything he says will be in Bad Light whatever it is...

    For this campaign against Mr. Martinez anything can happen - "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE" but for the Rich and Powerful "IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING".

  3. You,re totally wrong there. If you really love football then you understand why every now and then theres always a coach who losses his job. A great coach can do great impacts, mentally, emotionally and physically building a more stronger team asap. If youre watching football news then you will understand the impact of a new coach from the previous coach.
    Mcemeny may not be the best coach in the world but Im sure its him who make this azkals stronger. For now we have to support him and trust him.