06 December 2010

Historic victory leaves McMenemy bewildered

Hanoi: Philippines coach Simon McMenemy was in a state of disbelief after seeing his team hand defending champions Vietnam a stunning 2-0 defeat in Group B of the AFF Suzuki Cup on Sunday evening at the My Dinh Stadium.

Chris Greatwich and Phil Younghusband scored the goals as the Philippines claimed their greatest win in recent history and remarkably moved to the top of the group standings ahead of Singapore on goal difference.

"I'm pinching myself, I'm not sure we have done what we have done," said McMenemy. "I keep thinking I'll wake up in bed in the Sheraton hotel and we'll still have the game to play.

"We knew we could defend, we knew we were disciplined enough but we didn't know if we could go up the other end and score goals. We knew that would be our issue so we worked hard in training on simple things like converting breakaways when we are on the run."

McMenemy hailed his team's performance but admitted to being bewildered by the result.

"I came in here the other day and said I was proud of my boys, but I don't know how we've done that," he said.

"That was an incredible feat considering they are the Philippines and where they have come from. To go and turnover a powerhouse like Vietnam is incredible.

"We rode our luck throughout the game but I said to the guys at halftime: 'You have to keep putting yourself in a position for good things to happen to you and you have to keep working hard'.

"If you keep working hard the luckier you get. We had three chances and scored twice. This won't sink in for quite a while."

Vietnam coach Henrique Calisto was angered by the nature of the Philippines' win and was heavily critical of the style of play used by the Filipinos.

"Football is not this, football is not putting eight players in front of the area with no offensive system," said the Portuguese coach. "They were fighting and I respect the players but if you think this is football then you are wrong.

"My way is different. You can play and lose but you can lose with honour. They put the bus in front of the goal and shoot, shoot, shoot and they pray. They didn't have an offensive system.

"I told my players that the Philippines defend very well but they don't care about counterattacking, they only pay attention in defence. Until you score one goal, our job is very difficult and I told the players that.

"If you look at possession of the ball, if you look at shots, if you look at crosses maybe there was 70 or 80 percent for Vietnam and 20 or 30 percent for Philippines.

"If they think they can win the championship based on that then poor football. If the Philippines think they can win playing that way then my dear, poor, poor football in this region."



  1. Indonesian Football6 December 2010 at 01:47

    I would like to congratulate Philippines National Football Teams !

    That was a great match. We all (from ASEAN countries) should show our best performance in football. Therefore, Our ASEAN region will become one of the strongest Football power in ASIA and also in the world.

    We hope, we (Indonesian NT) can have a chance to meet all of You in Semifinal or Final !

    Thank's in advance..

  2. I say go get your tactics right to the Vietnamese Coach. How bloody unsporting can you be. Lose with honor!!?? Just because you couldnt figure out a way to break down the defense you talk about the Philippines not having honor??!! The vietnamse team did not make good use of their experience in passing and using the wings to break down the defense, not because we put a bus in front of goal. I think your scared of losing your job since you had the entire 2nd half to adjust and were not successful. Even the German and Italian national teams have been playing like this for decades. Sore loser..We took our chances and your team didnt..dont talk about honor, talk about your teams poor finishing, talk about what you did wrong, dont insult our intelligence and talk about our team and our integrity

  3. I watched the game yesterday on VTV. PROUD TO BE PINOY!

  4. Keep it up boys. We're very proud of you. Now is the time to show them that we are whipping boys no more. Mabuhay ang National Team.

  5. Calisto - bitter lol

  6. Growling Azkalero6 December 2010 at 04:18

    Re: Calisto - Aw geez, talk about not losing with honor. That the Philippines had to put so many men on the defensive line is actually a testament to how much they respected the Vietnamese offense. You see it all the time, even in the World Cup!
    Vietnam hardly ever tried to mount their offense from the wings or to deliver a reasonable cross. They just kept hammering down the middle out of pure underestimation of the Philippine defense.
    Your side lost 2-0, Calisto, and with a score like that it's not because the winner wasn't playing football. It happens sometimes in the beautiful game.
    Go Philippines! Ya played smart. Be proud and keep moving forward. Don't stop now and don't lose sight of the fact that there's still quite a hill to climb!

  7. To the Philippine NT, good job!

    To the Vietnam coach (and I hope you read this!). Play without honor? WTF are you talking about? We may have parked the bus but is this your first time to see that this was done? Does PL teams play without honor when they go defensive against better teams? Why are you crying like a little boy? And let me remind you the scoreline, 2-NIL, is that too defensive for you? I think you are just afraid of losing your job. Who are you anyway? Are you Mancini? Hughes? Van Marwijk? Mourinho? They are all defensive but they don't play without honor. Their football maybe unattractive but is your's attractive? I hope you get sacked you sour prick!

  8. To paraphrase Calisto: We shoulda just "lost with honor" instead of beating them.


  9. can someone tell the vietnam coach that "losing is part of the game". i saw him, in TV, gesturing to the Filpino official not to come to his side to sake hands and he talks about honor? if i were him he should now accept how to lose because after this tournament his job is next!

  10. You lose 1-0 against a defensive side, maybe you can say your unlucky if you had majority of possession and more shots on goal. But 2-0? And we had a clear third if the referee wasnt so lenient. Vietnam would have been down to 10 men as our player was pulled down by the last man. What showed was tactically, he got his butt kicked by McMenemy. Maybe he thinks just because Arsenal's Wenger complains like that all the time,he can do the same. But Calisto, you will never coach in the EPL or any top league if you continue to think like that. What makes a coach great is they find a way to beat teams stronger than his. And if you are stronger, a good coach will make sure he doesnt lose. Dont talk about honor, you were not cheated. You just let your employers down by not doing your job.

  11. I think d coach has to learn what is football!

    The TOP Teams around d world .. like Barca ( vs INTER MILAN for sample ), Manu, Fc Bayern ..
    always play vs DOUBLE DECKER BUSSES..
    but mostly they win ..
    because the quality of SHOTS and FLANKS are BETTER..

    It´s the task of a coach to teach d players how to shot and d instruct d right tactics...

    so simple: Philippines did the right way.. VIETNAM d wrong way!

  12. So the Philippines just prayed. Is Calisto blaming God? Perhaps God is on our side. Or perhaps he was outcoached. What a loser!

  13. hahaha! yes he did blamed God for answering the Azkals' prayers. the job of the defenders and some midfielders is to protect the goal. he may have thought that the job of his sides defenders is to give away goals. grow up Calisto! you're a disgrace to the beautiful game dumb ass!

  14. I like reading the comments about the Vietnamese coach!
    He's a fuckin loser!
    He can kiss my ass!
    He is envious that the Philippines scores twice against Vietnam

  15. I guess we know why Portugal hires Brazilians to coach them. Greatwich's goal was fantastic. Etheridge should run for Congress! Accepting a loss with dignity and being respectful of your opponent in victory are the lessons I have taught my children and the players I have coached. Losing is not a disgrace. Calisto's reaction was a disgrace.

  16. Who is this idi*t Calisto! Dont be bitter, there are times that you will win or you will lose. The Philippines has proven that they can beat your team and can be the best in the region.

    You should admit the fact that you are not good coach and only leads your team into loosing.

    You're a BIG LOOSER! better luck next time CALISTO!!!!

  17. The Portuguese coach of the Vietnam football team should accept the loss of his team over the Philippines.

    We beat Vietnam by 2-0.

    The Philippine football team improves a lot. We have to play defense and counter-attack to achieve victory. I hope that the Philippines will get the championship trophy for the first time.

    P.S. It's time for the federation to bring our footballers to play football clubs in Europe and South America especially ESPAÑA, and we hope that the team will play the Spanish-style technical football like Euro 2008 and World Cup 2010 champions ESPAÑA since our country is a former Spanish colony. MABUHAY ANG PILIPINAS!!! VIVA FILIPINAS!!! :-)

  18. All we need is defense, counter-attack, ground pass, and possession. Spanish-style technical football will implement gradually without a need of a Spanish coach. ARRIBA FILIPINAS!!!