19 December 2010

RP wants to host 2012 AFF Suzuki Cup

MANILA, Philippines -- The Philippines has already signified its intent to get the rights to host the 2012 ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki Cup.

Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) chairman Monico Puentevella said the games may be played in Panaad, Bacolod and at another venue if necessary.



  1. Realistically, I think we should look at co-hosting, just like Vietnam and Indonesia did this year. That would be a logical first step. Hosting 2 groups (8 countries!) might be too much. And having the simultaneous match at the end of the group stages might be hard since we don't have another stadium up to Panaad's standards (which is already "pilit" by AFF's standards).

    Then again 2 years is a long time, who knows maybe we can have a real national stadium built or have Panaad renovated and turned into a national stadium + have another nice stadium built. Hopefully with Martinez out we can actually use the funds for what they were meant for. Libre naman mangarap diba.

  2. I think we should build a new stadium in Manila, a 60,000 seater stadium. Probably demolish Rizal Memorial Stadium and then build a new one in the site. Or have it built around MOA. Another 40,000 seater stadium in Cebu city is also ideal. After all, Cebu is the Queen city of the south. But if not in Cebu, Bacolod or Iloilo is also ideal. The government should invest to this because it's profitable not just from football but from other sports like track and field, and throwing events and even rugby wherein our national rugby team is also making waves in the Asian region. That's just me.

  3. Im sure money will be an issue for making a stadia but I think the location will be the BIGGEST concern here. I mean lets just say a minimum of 20,000 foreigners will come to watch football in our country,,,,
    The place should have accessible apartments at least for them to stay and so many stuff blah blah blah

    A safe and accomodating stadia would be nice and how I wish we can succeed with this.

  4. Good luck for Philippines!

    Wish a intercontinental-class stadium will be provided soon...about become AFF Suzuki Cup 2012, I believe Philippines can do so much good things to hold it!

    The nations around South-East Asia should be compete with the Gulf Region Countries, East Asia Nations, and Middle-East Countries...so Asian Nations can participate more attractive in FIFA World Cup!

    Wish u all the best, mate!


  5. That's why I said we should build stadiums in Manila and Cebu because they're convenient not just to us but for expats as well. Manila and Cebu are both accessible because they international airports, cabs, buses, five star hotels and even motels, world class hospitals, shopping malls and night spots for spare time, a bunch of fastfood and restaurants, and most especially hospitable locals.:)

  6. And to heck if the stadiums don't make money. Let the government pay for it, it's the least it can do for sports development. I hope bureaucrats don't make a big hoot about profit.

    Someone said, if you want to be world-class, then act world-class. Now is the time to put up.

    And don't mix it up with other sports. I do not want to see an oval track every time I watch a football game. It's a waste of space anyway.

  7. Dude it would more feasible if we will build multi-purpose stadium than solely for football. It would be harder to convince our government to invest if that would be the proposal. And besides, we should also aim to host SEA Games and other international events. This will not just develop football alone but it will also develop other sports in this country. I'm after Philippine sports as whole, not just football. But that's just me.

  8. What will happen to the coach next year? I think there were so many issues about football nowadays but hopefully a legal replacement for Martinez will takeover and hopefully these fans will remain as true supporters as that what this sport needs right now.

  9. Speaking of STANDIA,.,.,I think they should built it first to the Ilonggo provinces because its the football capital of the Philippines,.,.,

  10. Mate the only problems that I see in Iloilo are that they don't have an international airport, cabs, buses, 5 start hotels and so on.

  11. I've been to Cebu and Iloilo and I think the airport in Iloilo is much better than the Cebu airport :


    No problem with cabs or 5 star hotels or malls. They have plenty.