05 December 2010


HANOI (5 Dec 2010) - Philippines created the biggest upset thus far in the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 when they beat defending champions Vietnam 2-0 in the second game of the second match day of Group B here at the My Dinh National Stadium.

The scorers for the Philippines were Chris Greatwich in the 38th minute and Philip Younghusband in the 78th minute which allowed the team to take control of Group B – ahead of former champions Singapore and Vietnam.

With just one game left against Myanmar to play for at the Hien Truong Stadium in Nam Dinh two days, the Philippines have just put themselves as the frontrunner to win the group this year ahead of their more illustrious counterparts.

“I’m still pinching myself; I still cannot believe that we have beaten the defending champions. I kept thinking that this is all just a dream and that I will wake up at the hotel with the match against Vietnam still to play for,” said a grinning Simon McMenemy, the chief coach of the Philippines.

“We showed that we could defend well although I was a little worried about our ability in catching them on the break. I told the lads before the match that we will have our work cut out but the boys were fabulous – we had three chances and we scored twice.”

With Singapore needing a last gasp goal before they were able to beat Myanmar in an earlier game, Vietnam were not leaving anything to chance as they pounded the Philippines backline right from the start.

The attacks were uncompromising against a Philippines defence bent on keeping everything at bay – much to the chagrin of Vietnam national coach Henrique Calisto as well as to the almost sell-out crowd who were expecting the home team to ride out to another big win.

Pham Thanh Luong, Nguyen Minh Phuong and Nguyen Anh Duc all had their chances but with Philippines custodian Neil Etheridge playing his best game thus far in the tournament, it was always tough to break the deadlock.

As Vietnam became increasingly under pressure, a quick counter attack in the 38th minute saw Philippines taking the lead instead.

Off a cross from Ian Araneta, it needed just a glancing header from Chris Greatwich to beat Vietnam’s Duong Hong Son for Philippines and the game's first goal.

Calisto brought in the enterprising Nguyen Trong Hoang at the hour mark and it almost paid the early dividend but for the continued heroics of Etheridge who once again thwarted the point blank shot from Anh Duc.

Trong Hoang were all over the pitch as he attempted to get closer and closer to adding to the two goals he scored in the match against Myanmar but for all his guile, the Philippines backline were just not giving any away.

And once again, it was to be the Philippines who found the back of the net when Philip Younghusband made good on the chance which came his way in the 78th minute of play.

“My players played well and I can’t complain because they played hard and they followed my instruction,” added Calisto.

“It was tough playing against a team which put a double-decker bus in front of you and then hope to catch you on the counter attacks – that is not football.”

Neil Etheridge, Robert Gier, Anton Rosario, Roel Gener, James Younghusband, Philip Younghusband (Nestorio Margase 85th), Alexander Borromeo, Jason de Jong, Christopher Greatwich, Ian Araneta, Ray Jonsson.

Duong Hon Son, Le Phuoc Tu, Tran Dinh Dong (Le Si Manh 71st), Vu Nhu Thanh, Nguyen Minh Phuong, Le Tan Tai (Nguyen Trong Hoang 63rd), Huynh Quang Thanh, Nguyen Vu Phong, Pham Thanh Luong, Phan Van Tai Em, Nguyen Anh Duc.

8 Dec Myanmar vs Philippines (1930hrs at Hien Truong Stadium, Nam Dinh) / Vietnam vs Singapore (1930hrs at My Dinh National Stadium, Hanoi)



  1. both younghusbands injured?? greatwich 2 yellow cards = suspended??

  2. wonderful result for Philippine Football!!!

  3. Good job! Phil
    Greetings from Vietnam

  4. nhathoangtran: good game. I hope you guys beat Singapore on Wednesday!

  5. Unbelievable!

    Post #1: If true this is a big problem.

  6. Great job McMenemy! He is doing something, well a lot of things right!


  8. @Arielle: it's against Myanmar

  9. Don't think chris got second yellow card !


  11. OMFG!!!!!!!!
    Napapamura ako sa saya..whahahahahaha

    We're finally on the right track to gaining respect in football, at least within the ASEAN.

    Great job McMenemy for bringing out the true potential that the national team has.

  12. I assume the local coaches who were upset that they were not picked will be quiet now. It is great that Manager Dan was able to convince and fund our brothers from overseas to come home to play. I also hope that this result justifies the POC sending the U23 MNT to the SEA Games. Since bobody is funding the WNT I guess we will never know if they could beat our neighbors with professional coaching and invitations to overseas pinays to come home.

  13. to the 'anonymous' before me:
    Those local coaches could also make the usual "kaya ko din naman yan ah" claim (which annoys me to hell).
    But yes, hopefully this is the beginning of something great, not only for the "main" men's team.

  14. Go Philippines!

    We just need a draw i think to advance right? So they can rest their starters if the Younghusbands are injured. One of them was carted of the field i think close to stoppage time.

    Could have been 3-0 if the ref called the foul when Ian was held down for the breakaway or when he missed the open goal attempt when the keeper misjudged the lob into the penalty box.

    But who cares, congrats Philippines!

  15. This is truly a great milestone in Philippine football. Imagine with even better support, what we could do. We should give Simon McMenemy and Dan Palami medals on top of bestowing every honor we can think of to every member of that squad. They played with a lot of heart but more importantly intelligence.

  16. Indonesian Football6 December 2010 at 01:50

    I would like to congratulate Philippines National Football Teams !

    That was a great match. We all (from ASEAN countries) should show our best performance in football. Therefore, Our ASEAN region will become one of the strongest Football power in ASIA and also in the world.

    We hope, we (Indonesian NT) can have a chance to meet all of You in Semifinal or Final !

    Thank's in advance..

  17. Hey Indonesian FT..thanks for the kudos. But I cant help feeling you would rather face us than the vietnamese..hehe..just being a little naughty..but really thanks for the message of support. I hope you will continue to be as gracious no matter what happens.

  18. Can somebody please give us an update of Younghusband? he looked to be in a lot of pain when he was subbed. Also, Greatwich didnt get a yellow card vs vietnam. so he only has one. I think De Jong should take it easy vs. Myanmar. he's the one that can get a 2nd yellow. I think he is one if the most important players on our side along with Ali, greatwich, the younghusbands

  19. "It was tough playing against a team which put a double-decker bus in front of you and then hope to catch you on the counter attacks – that is not football"

    I don't quite understand this quote from the Vietnam coach. Maybe he was misquoted. But no matter what the strategy, if you play within the rules it is still football.

  20. Pinoy in Jakarta6 December 2010 at 03:12

    Mabuhay Team Philippines!

    Defense was a team effort plus a superb goal keeper is equals to a double decker bus. The main thing here is that the counter attack was effective and made the most of what it had. Its football no matter what.

    Indonesians & Euro expats are congratulating me left and right this morning ... surely is great feeling. I may get extra playing time in the futsal game tonight ... Thanks PH NT


  21. The Players have Philippeน- American a lot.

  22. @Pinoy in Jakarta:
    "I may get extra playing time in the futsal game tonight..."
    HAHAHA! I love that comment!
    Go out and show your mates how we Azkaleros play. :)

    Askal astig!

  23. Good news for Philippine sports:
    1.Philippines beat Vietnam
    2.Donaire beats up Sidorenko

    Bad news for football:
    Martinez is back

  24. "martinez is back" hahahaha

  25. Vietnam coach = sore loser

    That Portuguese guy should learn from the Vietnamese. They know how to lose gracefully.

  26. Henrique Calisto's comment regarding the bus means that the Philippines is playing what they call "anti-football". "Parking the bus" or "anti-football" is done when a team puts too much emphasis on defense, like putting up to 8 or 9 men in front of the goal (4 defenders, 4 midfielders, and in some cases, even the other striker) and little is done in offense which relies only on quick counter-attacks, set pieces and long balls. Inter and Chelsea, among other teams, do this to Barcelona. The comment of Calisto is understandable but things like this really happen in football. That's why it's called the beautiful game.

  27. @Pinoy in Jakarta:

    "I may get extra playing time in the futsal game tonight..."

    I Also like this comment, made me laugh...
    Hope you got your playing time

  28. you play the beautiful game calisto, you lose with honor and style ..the phils will gladly go about upsetting the football giants in SEA..)oh and when you get fired from your coaching job in viet nam, dont come knocking on our door) obregado...

  29. I hope STUCKED-UP Singapore will be beaten black and blue by VIETNAM!!!! Yeah so much for GOAL 2010!!!! Singapore you're supposed to be in the WORLD CUP Finals, isn't it? GO VIETNAM!

  30. calisto reportedly refused to shake McMenemys hand after the game. thats what you call loosing with honour. He even compared our tactics like that of a parked bus, a parked bus that they hit head on. But what was he saying exactly? I’m all at sixes and sevens. We won the game plain and simple. They lost! I hope the ball bag gets sacked!