15 December 2010

PSSI nixes Filipino request to split ticket money

The Indonesian Soccer Association (PSSI) said it would not share ticket revenue from Thursday’s semifinal 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup match with the opposing team from the Philippines.

The lack of an acceptable stadium led the Filipinos to balk at hosting the match, as the Philippines was supposed to have done, according to PSSI chairman Halid Nurdin.

“I keep refusing to share the profits from ticket sales because the responsibility of organizing the match is in the hands of the Indonesian team,” Halid said on Wednesday in Jakarta as reported by tempointeraktif.com.

“Because [they’ve] chosen to play in Indonesia, then all expenses will be covered by Indonesia…as long as all profits from ticket sales go to Indonesia.”

The Filipinos reportedly requested 50 percent of the box office proceeds.

The PSSI previously agreed to pay for the Filipino team’s transportation and accommodation during its stay in Indonesia from Dec. 14 to 20 and might also pay the Filipino players a daily allowance.

Jakarta Post


  1. Baka kay Martinez nila ibigay,.,.,.,.,.,.under the table seguro yon ,.,.,.,.kung mangyayari,.,.,..,kawawa naman ang azkals.,

  2. ingit ka, punta ka sa Indonesia baka maambunan ka pa ...ask first who requested for 50% box office ticket proceeds from Indonesia before you write...

  3. Very sure, Martinez is going to receive it. He's the only one interested to play the first leg in Indonesia.