09 December 2010

Martinez rules out RP site

By Joaquin Henson

Holding on to the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) presidency on the basis of a technicality upheld by FIFA despite 26 of 33 provincial associations voting for his ouster, Jose Mari Martinez said yesterday nobody can change his decision to surrender the country’s prerogative to host one of two semifinal matches against Indonesia in the Asean Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki Cup Championships.

Martinez said he will leave for Jakarta on Monday to discuss with AFF secretary-general Dato Paul Mony Samuel of Malaysia and chairman of the competition committee Ravy Khek of Cambodia the details of the semifinal series, particularly how to divide the gate receipts. The matches are scheduled on Dec. 16 and 19.

“Not too many people can understand or accept that we have no football stadium that is acceptable to the AFF,” said Martinez. “We checked on three possible venues but unfortunately, none meets the standards of FIFA and the AFF. I’ve been on the phone with Ravy the last two days and I’ve decided to give up our right to host one of our two semifinal matches. By insisting on hosting, I am not prepared to lose the chance for us to play in the semifinals and even possibly, the finals.”

Because of no acceptable venue, the AFF allowed the Philippines to choose a neutral country to take over its hosting rights but Martinez ruled that out, too.

“I don’t think a neutral country will be able to generate a crowd bigger than what Jakarta can,” said Martinez. “I don’t want our team to miss out on the experience of playing before 40,000 to 80,000 fans. I’m also thinking about the gate receipts. So I’ve decided as PFF president, to give Jakarta the right to host both our semifinal matches. This will now be an away-and-away series for us, no longer home-and-away.”

Martinez said he will play “hard to get” with the AFF organizers in negotiating the PFF’s share of gate receipts. The matches will likely be played at the 88,000-seat Gelora Bung Kamo Stadium in Jakarta.

“The AFF will advance our plane fares and hotel stay,” said Martinez. “The expenses will be taken out of our share of gate receipts. I won’t accept less than 50 percent of the gate receipts, net of expenses, and I will give the majority of the money to the players. Dan Palami is only the team manager. I will give him something to cover some of his expenses but most of the money will go to the players because they worked hard for it.”

Martinez estimated the PFF to pocket at least $200,000 from its share of gate receipts each match. “If the crowd is 40,000 and our share is $5 for every ticket sold, we can gross $200,000,” he said. “But the crowd could go up to 80,000, so our take could go as high as $400,000. That’s just for one match. We’ll be playing two matches in Jakarta.”

Martinez said the Philippines should be recognized for barging into the semifinals the hard way by advancing to the tournament proper with Laos through the qualifiers. The Philippines crushed Timor Leste, 5-0, and drew with Laos, 2-2, and Cambodia, 0-0, to advance. Then, the underdog Philippines took the No. 2 seed in its group by shocking defending champion Vietnam, 2-0, and drawing with Singapore and Myanmar. If the Philippines beats Indonesia, it will move on to play the survivor of the Vietnam-Malaysia semifinals in the finals on Dec. 26 and 29.

“This is a miracle team,” said Martinez. “No matter what people say, I must have done something good during my administration for our national team to show this result. Our FIFA world ranking is going up. Playing in the Suzuki Cup semifinals is a great experience for our team. It’s good for the Philippines. I just hope people will now see the commercial value of football as a sport.”

Martinez said one of the proposed venues, Panaad Stadium in Bacolod, only has 500 luminous lights, way below the FIFA standard of 1,200, and the Suzuki Cup requires the matches to be played at night.

The AFF confirmed Martinez’ contention that the Philippines has no FIFA-standard football stadium. “None of the proposed venues in the Philippines reached the required standards stipulated in the hosting obligations of the tournament,” said the AFF.

Mariano Araneta Jr., who was recently elected by the PFF National Congress as interim president, said he will not question Martinez’ authority to represent the country in the Suzuki Cup negotiations.

“Mari is still recognized as the PFF president by FIFA although we are questioning the basis of FIFA’s recognition,” said Araneta. “It’s a pity that we won’t be able to avail of our right to host one of our two semifinal matches. POC chairman (Monico) Puentevella has announced he is ready to arrange the installation of the required lights in Panaad. Charlie Cojuangco, who heads the Negros Occidental Football Association, told me he will do his share in the effort to host one of the semifinal matches in Bacolod. Unfortunately, Mari has decided to give up our hosting rights and there is really nothing anybody can do about it.”

Martinez said his decision to make it an away-and-away semifinal series for the Philippines is final.



  1. fuckin martinez, he probably got beef with negros occidental so he didn't want them to host the game. so sad!

  2. What an idiot! Martinez has done nothing. He's trying to take credit for the National Team success without doing a single thing to support the men. He probably did not think that we would reach the semis so he automatically told the AFF that we don't have a suitable stadium. What happened to all the money that the PFF has.
    At the very least, he could have picked a neutral country with a lot of OFWs that could support the team.
    The fact that FIFA still supports him just confirms the fact that they are still corrupt.

  3. It's all about the money. Martinez is such a sham.

  4. Pinoy AZKAL in Jakarta10 December 2010 at 01:55

    Pinoy AZKAL in Jakarta said...
    It boils down to money as stated by Mr. Martinez with his decision to give up our home games. Its a big let down that we cannot host a tournament of this caliber ... He simply does not see that an enthusiastic Pinoy crowd would gather to an excess of 40k to watch a home game ... tsk tsk tsk.

    Is Mr. Martinez even a Filipino, a 100% pinoy and does he really aim for the development of football in the country or is this purely business???

    The best alternate venue for the game would be Malaysia, I am a pinoy working & living in Indonesia. Malaysia & Indonesia has a history of rivalry be it in sports, economy, culture and etc... In my opinion we can take advantage of this, the Indonesian would surely be uncomfortable playing in a Malaysian environment but then again nothing beats home soil I hope this happens!!!

    Let's take back the PFF for Filipinos and for the love of Pinoy Football. MABUHAY AZKALZ

  5. Martinez if you're reading this..... F*CK YOU! May you rot in hell!!!!!

  6. Martinez - "I must have done something good during my administration for our national team to show this result."


  7. mari is already salivating on the semis gate receipts, he already figured it all out. his hands are itching to get hold of it!!! mr martinez, your greed and stupidity borders on insanity!!!!

  8. Playing the home game in Malaysia is actually a brilliant idea!
    Imagine how the Malaysians would love to fill up their stadium and spew vitriol on the Indonesians. We'd have the home crowd going for us!

    Unfortunately, the decision to hold it in Indonesia is final.
    Martinez, what have we done to deserve you?

  9. This is all FIFA's fault. That guy shouldn't be making decisions any more!


  11. Maybe he found an indonesian official to do an ex-deal with the gate receipts because technically, he has no control over PFF funds.

    Besides, this is about a sporting chance at winning the Suzuki Cup. How is that suppose to materialize with two away legs?

    His words do not match his actions.

  12. with respect, how can Martinez talk to AFF knowing he has no powers as PFF president? can't he understand the fact the people don't want him up there.
    this decision is the best example why he is ousted. he is more for the money than for what football should be. he is not thinking straight, maybe he is just playing around because to make fools out of the people who ousted him. in the end it will go back to him, and to all who follow in his bloodline.
    hindi nya ba naisip ang effect ng mga decisions nya.
    Mr. Martinez, give it up! if you are pinoy, look into your roots and have DELICADEZA. maybe when you stepdown, we can show a bit more respect.
    Again, you are not PFF, we are!

  13. Taking away the chances of one's national team rises to the level of treason!

    Lets hope that "fair play" prevails over politics and money and that AFF and AFC realize that for the betterment of football, with a greater impact to local football and a lesser but important impact to the regional game, the MNT should be allowed to play in Vietnam.

  14. I count two remaining Martinez supporters in congress(the ones who left before the ouster vote). Gentlemen, how can you continue to support him after this decision? Just to be clear, granted the RP has no facilities, why not a neutral venue?

    And to AFF/AFC/FIFA officials, have you not had enough of this nonsense? Where else in the world will you find a federation president picking an away site over a neutral venue? Only in the Philippines?

    I hope that the 26 who ousted him vote in the same manner in the extraordinary congress. Martinez must go.

  15. Well all this happened under Martinez' watch. He (Martinez) can spin it all he wants, but at the end of the day, 1) he gifted Indonesia with an extra advantage by accepting the 2-away game format in Jakarta and 2) he never prepared one field for international use. The latter is something the next PFF administration should address.

  16. AFF inspected the the Philippine venue way ahead before the Victory of the team.This was not a last minute call ... there is a huge power struggle here ... Don't blame it all on one Man, he is not AFF nor FIFA...Just be proud that the team qualified in the semi-finals... if they are really the best team and the players are that good, venue does not matter...Manny Pacquio WINS wherever the venue is , not just to "Defend" the Philippine Flag but to "Attack" and Conquer the opponent. This is the real FIGHT. GOODLUCK!!! to the Philippine Team

  17. I think its to late for to play the games at home. We should now find a way how We fans can help get rid of this Martinez. Petition/sign campaign? I dont know, what can we do to help?

  18. read the fact or fiction on older post , maybe it will your campaign

  19. Re: ... venue does not matter ...

    I respectfully disagree; just ask any visiting team at major tournaments what it feels like.

    And AFF DID make a last minute decision as to the venues, since they could not have known the composition of the final four. If Martinez had time to discuss gate receipts, he most certainly had the time to negotiate a neutral field, knowing full well that we do not have a venue that meets FIFA specifications.

    He may not be responsible for everything, but he is responsible for MANY things. For accepting an away-away format, he should be summarily banned from Philippine football.

  20. I agree with this guy :

    "Well all this happened under Martinez' watch. He (Martinez) can spin it all he wants, but at the end of the day, 1) he gifted Indonesia with an extra advantage by accepting the 2-away game format in Jakarta and 2) he never prepared one field for international use. The latter is something the next PFF administration should address. "

    I think Martinez wants it in Indonesia to give every advantage to the Indonesians as he knows if the Azkals succeed, he will be humiliated. Imagine the flak he is getting now and its just the semis. What if, by god's graces, we make it to the finals? This way, if indonesians win, he can tone down the success and make money too as he mentioned (every centavo minus expenses will go to the national team). Martinez wants the azkals to lose in Indonesia. What makes him think we cant get the same gate receipts in Vietnam? Did you see how many turned up in that game? Vietnamese will watch this game as they will most likely land in the finals themselves. Or even in Malaysia, with a good OFW population and most malaysians will watch to support the philippines just to spite the indonesians (their rivalry is common knowledge). Obviously Martinez doesnt know what the word neutral means as he is always partial (to his own interests).

    This was also quoted from Martinez on the possibility of hosting it in the Philippines, “But who will pay for their expenses? If the POC chairman (Garcia) says ‘Okay, here’s P25 million’ then maybe we can have a chance,” he added.

    This guy is really playing his villain role to the hilt. How much of that would he pocket?? Who came up with that bloated figure? Hayop talaga sa diskarte. Much as it hurts, I would rather have the game played elsewhere if it would mean Martinez would again have the opportunity to make money on the success of the Azkals. Just resign immediately and that will be your ultimate contribution to Philippine football as you have lost your reputation. Yes martinez, some people still value their names and how it will be remembered.

  21. Why, Thank You Jay for seeing things the way I do. Actually, the way a great majority of football lovers do!

    And as Limpag pointed out in a newer post, there is NO money for the home leg. This is just another martinez ploy to avoid the attracting attention to this matter. He really should run, because he is running out of places to hide.

  22. Mr Martinez! Maawa ka sa mga bata, have decency naman and just resign! Pera lang yan! What about the teams future?