16 April 2015

UFL stages All-Star Game, Western Visayas Classic

The United Football League stages its inaugural All-Star weekend on April 25 with the league’s finest Filipino players joining forces as they square off against a crack Rest of the World team at Rizal Memorial Stadium.
Phil Younghusband of the Loyola Meralco Sparks, OJ Porteria of Kaya and Manny Ott of Ceres are among those expected to banner the Filipino side in the All-Star game highlighting festivities that begin at 4 p.m.
The Western Visayas Classic pitting players from fierce rivals Negros Occidental and Iloilo will serve as the appetizer for the main All Star showcase.
“This is one way of giving back to our fans and as well as the league’s aim to continue inspiring the youth to take up the sport,” said UFL general manager Rely San Agustin yesterday at the PSA Forum at Shakey’s Malate.
UFL marketing manager Rico Meneses said the players for the All Star game will be selected via online voting at www.football.com.ph as well as votes from media and Football Alliance which runs the league.
“We asked the 10 teams to nominate five Filipino and five foreign players to the All Star game and the fans will help decide which players can make the 18-player teams,” said Meneses.
San Agustin said Operation Smile has been selected as the beneficiary for the All Star weekend.
The festivities backed by LGR Sportswear and Giligans start with an 11 vs 100 match where captains of UFL first division teams will go up against 100 selected participants in the UFL Youth competition aged nine years old and below.
“It’s a chance for these young players to experience being on the same field as their idols,” said San Agustin.
Stallion’s Ruben Doctora will captain the Iloilo team in the Western Visayas Classic, while Ed Sacapano will skipper the Negros Occidental side.
“It’s the biggest rivalry in Philippine football,” said San Agustin referring to the Negros-Ilolo clash. “It’s all about bragging rights as to which province is the best in football in the country.”

source : ufl.ph


  1. useless. more gaya gaya from the ufl. "the finest Filipino players" . eh di halos national team na yan. lol!!!!!!! they need to get their scheduling (as well as other issues) in order first instead of coming up with useless events like this.

    1. It won't be useless. in fact this will demonstrate football fanaticism missing in most parts of the country. You may not have seen the intensity when Iloilo and Negros Occidental booters collide.

    2. it is useless! you want more "fanaticism" then the league itself needs to be developed/revamped to have city based teams for example. you're not gonna it with random teams like "pachanga diliman" to name but one.

      as far as iloilo vs negros goes, then there's stallion vs ceres. but again, the league needs to be revamped to have city based teams and have home-away fixtures to get proper fan support.

      the ufl are going about development the wrong way around. it should be clear as day but yet too many people buy into the crap they constantly put out.

    3. dun ka magwala sa pff Sir. UFL is making efforts to develop football in they're own capacity that pff cant do or not doing. You are always welcome to appreciate the private sectors' efforts.

    4. @ Anonymous 16 April 2015 at 16:10

      yes the ufl is supposedly "developing football in their own capacity". but again they're going about development the wrong way around.

      who cares if this is the private sector or whatever. if you position yourself as the premier league of the country and are a supposed leader in the sport's development, then they need to be doing things the right way and tackle the issues that need to be tackled instead of wasting time, money and effort in things like this!

      another problem is people like yourself. you bend over and take it up the ass at a drop of a hat whenever there are developments like this when in fact it should be clear that it's useless/waste of time, money and effort!

  2. Negatron alert

    1. lackey/puppet alert

    2. Bobong Typical na talangkang pinoy alert

  3. Lol , the guy at the top fusses as if it was his time , money , and effort that was wasted . And clearly he is not a UFL fan .
    Hey mr know it all , just so you know , UFL is under the NCRFA not the PFF , and it wasnt branded the " premier league " of the PH by themselves but by the fans .
    Maghintay ka nlng sa pinaplanong " National League " ng PFF mismo , at wag kang reklamo ng reklamo na para bang ikaw ay may naiambag .