20 April 2015

UFL News - Updated


Ceres fc will play Team Socceroo tomorrow at 8.15 pm as the last match in UFL Round 1 . UFL are now taking a break in UFL League matches. They will start again with UFL league matches on May 28.

UFL All-Star Game and Western Visayas Classic

UFl All-Star Game and Western Visayas Classic will take place on Saturday 25 at Rizal Memorial Stadium


UFL Cup is scheduled to start on April 28 . Draw on Friday !.

No news about participating teams , except that non-UFL team Nomads will be participating.

UFL Cup will take place from April 28 to May 24

UFL Transfer window

UFL Transfer window is open this week and until April 28

UFL transfers

Stallion : Ian Araneta (ex Air Force Fc on loan) , Johann Noetzel (Northern Mariana Isl NT GK , ex Liverpool and Aston Villa) and Levi Fernandez (Alloa Athletic, Scotland)
Sean Bateau , Alu Kigbu, OJ Clarino and Benjamin Bowra are leaving Stallion.

Global : Matt Hartmann (Loyola Meralco Sparks Fc), OJ Clarino (Stallion)
Loyola : Curt Dizon (Global)
Team Socceroo : Alu Kigbu  (loan from Stallion Fc)

Kabuscorp de Laguna

Kabuscorp de Laguna FC seem to have withdrawn from UFL . They have played some matches but forfeited three matches in UFL Division 2.


  1. New signings in UFL , let me know...

    1. Has Kaya signed a new coach yet? Nice to see Nomads back in the Cup and hope they can join the league again one day.

    2. No, Kaya dont have a coach yet. Chris Greatwich was temporary coach in last match

  2. yo. will the azkals players still participate in the Cup?

  3. OJ Clarino from Stallion to Global

  4. I guess the planned ASEAN Super League will continue
    In other ASEAN league tables their league's number 2 and 3 (thailand, malaysia, indonesia, myanmar, vietnam, singapore) will represent their countries - unless they're the champion that is qualified for ACL
    Since UFL don't have spot on afc champions league qualifying playoff level yet, I assume UFL's champions and runner-ups will represent philippines in asean club level