27 April 2015

Alvin Sarmiento Signs for the Sparks

London-based Alvin Sarmiento is the fifth player to sign for the Loyola Meralco Sparks in the recently closed transfer window. The young talent has been consistently training with the Sparks lately, and his performances in the sessions has convinced head coach Simon McMenemy to give the player a contract with the team.
“This sticks to our plan to get young Filipino Players to develop alongside our strong leadership and talent. He’s been working hard in training and it goes to show how hard work and dedication will win you a contract. He has caught Coach Simon’s eye and that’s always a good thing for a player. Coach has said he can use Alvin as cover at either wing back position and being young, he still has time to adapt, as he came to us as more of an offensive player. The potential is there, he is being given the opportunity now. It’s on him to make the most of it. I feel we have a good young core of players and he fits right into that mold,” said team manager Armand Del Rosario.
Sarmiento joins Curt Dizon, Jorrel Aristorenas and Charlie Beaton as the contingent of young Filipino Sparks with English roots. Already close off the pitch, their camaraderie ensures the settling in period will be swift for the new additions. And with an opportunity to train alongside the nation’s finest footballing stars, Del Rosario is convinced the youngsters have the perfect environment to maximize their potential.
“If these kids can develop for a year or two behind our veteran players and team leaders, they will get their opportunity to shine. Look at Charlie and Jorrel, these guys have gotten chances here and there and they have shown that they can play at this level. They have started games for us and we see them as a big part of our future. Alvin fits right into this mold alongside Josh [Grommen] and Curt as well. This is the time they put in that extra work off the pitch to get them to that next level!”

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  1. both kaya ang loyola were signing young recruits while global signing more experienced ones.