27 April 2015

Kaya signs new players

Kaya Futbol Club is delighted to announce that we have signed Kittitian striker Tishan Hanley, Ivorian defender Delon Patrick Yao, and English defender Benjamin Bowra. We would also like to congratulate Kaya youngster Paeng Siggaoat, who has been signed to our first-team squad.
Tishan Hanley, from Saint Kitts and Nevis, has played for various American soccer teams in his career, with the Harrisburg City Islanders being his first and the Richmond Kickers as his last before joining Kaya. He played for Saint Kitts and Nevis’s U-17 team at the 2007 CONCACAF U-17 tournament and currently plays for the senior team, where he made his debut in 2008. He was recently called up to participate in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers (CONCACAF first round) against Turks and Caicos and scored in the first leg. They will be facing El Salvador in the second round of CONCACAF’s World Cup qualification process after defeating Turks and Caicos, 12–4, on aggregate.
Paeng Siggaoat, a center midfielder, is another graduate of Kaya FC Academy who has risen through the ranks to become part of the first-team squad. He played in the 2014 Charity Cup alongside other young Kaya players such as Rocky Plaza, Nino Herrera, and Nicholas Cruz, who have been part of the first team. We are always pleased to sign promising young Kaya players because it showcases the quality and potential of our academy, where aspiring footballers can harness their talents and pursue a career in football. We are committed to developing young players and giving them a chance to succeed in football.
Delon Patrick Yao, from Ivory Coast, was a long-standing defender of Global FC, joining them in 2012. He has a proven track record of success, and we believe he can help the team reach its goals. He also had a brief stint at Laos FC prior to joining Kaya.
Lastly, Ben Bowra, from England, briefly played as a defender for Stallion. He has played for clubs like Crawley Town, Worthing, Horsham YMCA, and Corinthian-Casuals.
We are thrilled to have them all on the team, and we look forward to seeing them in action in the UFL and 2015 UFL Cup, which will kick off this weekend.


  1. kaya is the best club so far in terms of football foundation. it has a good academy and trains young players to be part of the A~team rather than recruiting expensive foreign players and then leave the club after the league.

    1. Yeah but they fire their coaches far too often or they lose them too fast. They can never develop a clear concept if they always have to find a new one mid-season.

      Btw, do they even have a new one yet?