02 April 2015

Kaya FC head coach leaves post

MANILA, Philippines – Kaya FC head coach Adam Reekie tendered his resignation after steering the team to the United Football League top spot during his 6-month tenure, the club's website announced on Tuesday, March 31.
Reekie has been calling the shots for Kaya since September of 2014 and has only been at the helm of the club for 7 league games since the start of the UFL first division last January.
According to the statement, the resignation is effective immediately.
The team expressed its gratitude to the coach despite his short stay with one of the most followed clubs in the local premier football competition.
"We would like to thank Adam for the hard work, professionalism, and utmost dedication that he has shown during his time, albeit brief, as head coach and director of coaching at the academy," said the announcement.
Meanwhile, Kaya FC asserted that they will remain focused on continuing their great run this season despite the early departure of Reekie.
"Our goals and objectives remain the same, and we are determined to achieve them. Kaya is known for its “Never say die” attitude. We never give up and we never give in. We know what it means to overcome obstacles, to play with heart, and to keep the dream alive."
Rappler has reached out to Reekie for comment but has yet to give his response. – Rappler.com


  1. "...due to irreconcilable differences with the club" -- Reekie


  2. Any news on who might take over? Once again internal politics is Kaya's biggest enemy.