27 April 2015

2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers - AFC

2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers - AFC

11. June Philippines - Bahrain . Philippine Sports Stadium, Bulacan, 8 pm

16. June Yemen - Philippines , Qatar Sports Club, Doha, 7 pm

8. September Philippines - Uzbekistan , Philippine Sports Stadium, Bulacan , 8 pm

8. October DPR Korea - Philippines , Kim Il Jung Stadium , Pyongyang 4.30 pm

13. October Bahrain - Philippines , Bahrain NAtional Stadium , Manama , 6 pm

12. Novermber Philippines - Yemen , Philippine Sports Stadium , 8 pm


24. March Uzbekistan - Philippines , Bunyodkor Stadium , Tashkent , 6 pm

29. March Philippines- DPR Korea , Philippine Sports Stadium , 8 pm



  1. No friendly for azkals? Bahrain will face Thailand on June 5. North Korea against Thailand on May 17. Perhaps even one warm-up match before the game against Bahrain

  2. PFF always late to schedule friendlies. Im sure they will play a friendly or two before Bahrain qualifier on June 11.
    Possible schedule of conflict with UFL league matches and SEA Games

  3. Are the times listed here all in Philippine time?

  4. I'm predicting they'll play a friendly against Indonesia (highly likely, since they'll go to Taipei at June 11 before Jakarta home match) at home before Bahrain, or probably against an OFC team
    They should play a friendly against
    -UAE (going to Dili before June 16)
    -Australia (before going to Bishkek)
    -Turkmenistan (before going to Guam)
    -Iraq (before they face Vietnam)
    -South Korea (before they go to Yangon)
    PFF always late to organize friendlies

    1. All the teams you suggested are teams that will most likely reject an invitation ��

      How about Guam and East Timor? These are the kind of teams that will most likely accept an invite ��

    2. The only reason Philippines friendly invitation gets rejected is that they organize it too late everytime
      I don't think Guam or Timor Leste will travel to Manila because their first matches are at their capital cities
      PFF arrange friendly earlier than two weeks
      Even management is run in basketball-style timeline damn

    3. For OFC: Tahiti, New Zealand or New Caledonia.
      Maybe we can organize friendlies with UEFA near the middle east. Against Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia or Kazakhstan. If we are lucky, against Turkey.

      Since Iran is holding a training camp in Turkey, might as well go there too and organize friendlies against Iran and Turkey. Having a training camp in Bahrain is not preferable since we will face them in the qualifiers.

  5. what chances Azkals have, no any chances, play with any of this countries, no way, to win, but just watch the game as usual,. Its important to play the game, its not so and so if you cannot win,. Just play game,

  6. all this countries have huge level of experience, international game, stage ,azkal is still on learning field/development/its asia/in Asia only japan,korea,iran,qatar,jordan,australia,saudi ,some former Russian states, coming to join this best countries,

    1. Only Uzbekistan is the strongest of the former USSR states, which azkals will face this September
      Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan are at least the same level as Philippines (by now)
      Kazakhstan left AFC for UEFA last 2002
      Right azkals is still on learning field
      Not all are experienced, remember there are 40 teams
      The only highest plausible finish philippines can get in this WCQ/ACQ is 2nd or 3rd
      Finishing 4th or last will eliminate azkals for both tournaments

  7. PFF is always L A T E!!!

  8. It is usually the other side who has the initiative to schedule friendlies with us. The cancelled friendly against China was China's initiative. Al Ahli arranged the Nepal friendly in Doha.

    1. It was China's decision to cancel friendly against azkals last january, Not the azkals management's fault, china opting to play against Tunisia and Paraguay
      Better they chose to play against bahrain than playing against nepal

    2. No, I am saying that it was China's decision to organize the friendly with the Philippines in the first place. They were the ones who invited us. Its not entirely the fault of PFF. The azkals still has to receive substantial support from the gov.

  9. Cambodia sources report that Cambodia may play Philippines in a friendly before World Cup qualifiers.

    1. Lol.

      Just a question... Are you happy with the way Nonong Araneta runs the PFF?

    2. Turkmenistan or Indonesia is a more convincing option, since they'll have road games
      Cambodia na naman? Nagrereklamo na mga fans/haters/critics Paano magiimprove ang NT niyan?
      Dati puro Nepal
      Sana di matuloy yan ibang team na lang