09 April 2015

2018 FIFA World Cup qualifiers- AFC

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Match day 1 - 11. June

Home match : Philippines vs Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Jordan, Bahrain, Vietnam, Syria or Kuwait from pot 2

Match day 2 - 16. June

Away match : Philippines vs Malaysia, Guam, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Yemen, Laos, Chinese Taipei or Cambodia from pot 5

Match Day 3 - 3. September
No match

Match Day 4 - 8. September
Away friendly against team from pot 1


  1. huge/task/what a chance pinoy have,00.1 to beat anyone from this list

    1. You talking about Pot 1 or the entire 40-team lineup? Winning against a Pot 1 or Pot 2 team won't be very easy of course. Are you even pinoy to comment something detrimental for the team?

  2. Game against pot 1 is not a friendly. Its an official qualifying match.

    1. Philippines will play against Pot 2 home match
      Every other team in Pot s 3-5 will be hoping to play against Vietnam (which is the easiest to defeat in Pot 2)
      The most dangerous teams in Pot 2 are Saudi Arabia and Jordan
      Philippines is inches closer ( and hopefully they improve their quality) to Bahrain and Kuwait, and maybe Oman as well, azkals will be reinforced by ramsay, palla, gilmar and the return of shrock