21 April 2015

Ceres Fc signs Spanish winger Bienve

Ceres-Negros F.C.'s photo.

Ceres Fc has signed Spanish winger 28 y.o Bienvenido Marañón Morejón.

"Bienve"  as he is known for , has played for many Spanish clubs, last club was Segunda Division club UD Socuéllamos.

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  1. why is the transfer window open again? stupidity from the ufl!

    1. fifa actualy regulates transfers via "transfer windows" happens twice every season
      First "transfer window" - during season break, not exceeding 12 weeks
      Second transfer window - midseason, about a month long
      Since UFL isn't 100% fifa-sanctioned or ufl isn't a full professional league or unless this is the "third" transfer window, i'm not so sure where stupidity applies to

    2. @ Anonymous 21 April 2015 at 16:06

      stupidity clearly applies to you. there isn't really such a thing as a "fifa sanctioned" league. you even say "it isn't 100% sanctioned". so you're implying that it is partially "fifa sanctioned". lolz!

      the ufl markets itself the "premier football league of the philippines" or something to that effect. when you do that and you also make it clear that you want to be aligned with the pff and so on, then you'd expect them to be more orthodox than they are with things such as the transfer window. this is already the 4th transfer window of 2014-15 season, and third of the calendar year!

      so go figure where stupidity actually applies!!

  2. yeah, UFL is stupid in many ways -starting from the referees...