29 April 2015

AFC Cup : South China (Hong Kong ) 3-0 Global Fc


South China vs Global Fc

GLOBAL XI 1 Deyto 5 Martinez 7 Gonzalez 8 Villanueva 9 Bahadoran 11 Sato 12 Aguinaldo 23 M.A. Hartmann 32 Yanagawa 39 Bugas 63 Barbaso

GLOBAL SUBS: 22 Badelic 19 Salenga 25 Talaroc 27 Jonsson 29 Kanayama

40 mins 1-0 South China
1-0 HT
54 mins 2-0 South China
90 mins 3-0 South China
3-0 FT


  1. This result doesn't hurt at all because, regardless of today's result, Global needs to win against Pahang in the last home match to advance to the knockout stage.

    1. Even if global wins on may 13 they won't advance to the next round
      They need to score 9 goals against pahang and not concede any
      Too much goals conceded

  2. Nah, head-to-head is the top priority of tiebreaker. If Global wins, both teams become 7 points and they previously drew their first game in Malaysia so Global advances regardless of goal difference. If they draw again, Pahang advances.

    1. You are right. Since the away game of global against pahang was a draw, and assuming they'll win this one global will advance
      I got this reference from fifa it's tie-breaker priority no. 2 since no. 1 won't apply to both teams
      2-"Goal difference resulting from the group matches between the teams concerned"