09 February 2014

Still no buy out deal between PFF , and former Azkals coach Hans Michael Weiss

Karl Decena, InterAksyon.com

The Philippine Football Federation has yet to reach a buyout deal on the contract of former Azkals coach Hans Michael Weiss almost a month after he was sacked from the national team.
“It’s not yet settled because there are some things that he feels that he is entitled to,” PFF president Mariano Araneta told InterAksyon.com.
“We should be just looking at the written contract per se. We should discuss that.”
The PFF officially parted ways with Weiss last January 15. It has already found his replacement in Thomas Dooley, who will lead the Azkals for at least a year.
But days after the termination of his contract, Weiss told InterAksyon.com that there is a “discrepancy” and “different perception” between him and the PFF regarding what he should get following the termination of his deal.
“I am waiting for the PFF and the management’s compensation package, which was due to be given to me on 15th of January and has not happened yet,” Weiss wrote in an email last month.
“At the moment, I’m waiting for that offer. It’s a question of how much they want to pay and how much I think I should receive.
“Same style like 2013 when they treated all of us like that.”
Araneta said that Weiss already received last week the PFF’s buyout offer for the remainder of his contract.
“The general secretary has sent him a breakdown of what he is supposed to be paid until the end of his contract, I think he got it just two days ago, so we’re going to sit down with him again and flesh out the remaining portion of his contract,” Araneta told InterAksyon.com last Friday.
Weiss coached the Azkals for three years, helping the squad reach its highest world ranking after impressive performances in international tournaments and friendlies during his tenure.


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