21 February 2014

Michael Weiss' last message for the Azkals

MANILA, Philippines – He may no longer be the Philippine national team’s head coach, but Michael Weiss still left the Philippine Azkals with clear instructions as they begin to prepare for the AFC Challenge Cup in Maldives this May.
Weiss was replaced by Thomas Dooley, who kicked off training last week at the Emperador Stadium.
“I told them, the way you work with me and for me, you have to work for the new coach,” Weiss said when asked about his final meeting with the players. “You have to absolutely, fully listen to what he says, and you have to listen to his philosophy and strategy.”
“And it’s for the country,” he stressed. “It’s not for Michael Weiss, it’s not for yourself. It’s for the country.”
“You have to put in all your efforts to reach this target of wining the Challenge Cup in the Maldives in May.”
Weiss revealed that many players contacted him, telling him that they were sorry to see him go.
“Many players, most of them sent me e-mails, called me, texted me, they said, ‘Coach we are very sorry, you don’t deserve to be let go like this,’” Weiss said.
“The players are not the most happy in the world, but they know that in football, this happens if the management and the coach are having different philosophies on how to achieve goals,” he added.
Weiss is now planning to return to Germany, and is confident that a coaching opportunity will come his way soon.
“My curriculum vitae in general will mean good opportunities,” he said. “I have worked in Africa, I worked in America, I worked now in Asia for 10 years – five in Japan, two years in China and three years with big success in the Philippines.”
“So there should come something, sooner or later,” he added. -- 

From a report by Dyan Castillejo, ABS-CBN News.

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