02 February 2014

Breaking news : Philippines vs Azerbaijan in Dubai confirmed !

Azerbaijan FA website ( link ) has confirmed that Azerbaijan will be playing a  friendly against Philippines in Dubai ,  on FIFA Match Day March 5.

Match time and venue has not been confirmed.

This is the only FIFA Match day before AFC Challenge Cup . Philippines foreign based players should be available for this friendly.

Azerbaijan is ranked as number 94 in FIFA World ranking , Philippines as number 127.

Philippines will also be playing a friendly on March 1 away against Malaysia.


  1. I think this might be the first UEFA team friendly we will have played since a 0-1 loss to Estonia in 1997 in Manila.

  2. This will be a massacre

  3. 5-0 for Azerbaijan but that is good for Philippine team. The team has to play against better opponents to gain much-needed lessons, experience and confidence.....never mind the ranking....

    1. 5-0?!? lol! We didn't even lose by that score to an in-form UAE, and they're a better than Azerbaijan!

      Azerbaijan's last game was 0-0 against Kyrgyzstan. With our Euro based players, getting at least get a draw is a realistic possibility!

    2. Where is the venue and game time??thanks

  4. Give locals a chance. Araneta boogy gener sacapano dapat konti lng fil ams