14 February 2014

National Team Training Squad

Philippine National Football Team head coach Thomas Dooley has invited the following players for the national team training that will start today, Friday, February 14, 2014 (4:00PM - 6:00PM GMT+8) at Emperador stadium.
  1. Jose Elmer Porteria - Kaya FC
  2. Christopher Greatwich - Kaya FC
  3. Emelio Caligdong - Green Archers United FC
  4. James Younghusband - Loyola Meralco Sparks FC
  5. Marvin Angeles - Global FC
  6. Marwin Angeles - Global FC
  7. Carlos De Murga - Global FC
  8. Jerry Barbaso - Global FC
  9. Mark Hartmann - Global FC
  10. Jason De Jong - Global FC
  11. Amani Aguinaldo - Global FC
  12. Patrick Deyto - Green Archers United FC
  13. Phillip Younghusband - Loyola Meralco Sparks FC
  14. Jeffrey Christiaens - Global FC
  15. Misagh Bahadoran - Global FC
  16. Anton Del Rosario - Kaya FC
  17. Charles Pettys - Global FC
  18. Simone Rota - Stallion FC
  19. Eduard Sacapano - Philippine Army FC
  20. Patrick Reichelt - Unattached
  21. Nathaniel George Burkey - Pachanga Diliman FC
  22. Ryan Lerio - Philippine Air Force FC
  23. Jake Hugo - Philippine Air Force FC
  24. Rudolf Bebangco - Philippine Air Force FC
  25. Nick O'Donnell - Kaya FC
  26. Paolo Pascual - Global FC
  27. Curt Dizon - Union Internacional Manila
  28. Reymark Fernandez - Green Archers United FC
  29. Ronnie Aguisanda - Green Archers United FC
  30. Deo Segunial - Pachanga Diliman FC
  31. Nathan Octavio - Pachanga Diliman FC
  32. Milan Justin Arends - Stallion FC
  33. Kenshiro Daniels - Kaya FC
  34. Chad Gould - Unattached



  1. Why are there airforce players there when they are not even in division 1?

  2. Why is that a problem? There's also a player from UIMFC who are also in Div 2. That just proves this new head coach is open minded and able to spot talent regardless what team they play on.

    Strange complaint, whereas in the past people would complain they wouldn't invite locally developed players.

    1. Because the best players will be in division 1.

    2. ^^This. The only exception I would say is Dizon. He got pretty far when he was on Nike's The Chance which means technically he's got something about him.

  3. Siempre the local soldiers are tough while fil fors are softies lol

  4. jerry barbosa sucks! he is like a BLIND HORSE trying to kick the ball away.. he is a RESERVE in global! Tapos lahat ng filipino global players andyan! hindi na azkals yan.. its all GLOBAL na.. madaya.. unfair.. theyre not even good! you need players who KNOWS how to play.. not just kicking the damn ball away.. azkals will not go anywhere nnmn..Football has no future here.. especially if the assisstant coaches are there pa.. and trying to whisper their opinions in the ear of the new coach.. who does not even know the players.. ayan.. you end up with a list like this.. good luck!

    1. I think Dooley did a good job of scouting these players which is why they got an invite except a couple of questionable players from the Airforce.

      The inclusion of Barbaso and Gould is very encouraging. Barbaso is a hard nosed defender and Gould before he disappeared was second in most goals scored for the national team.

      I am really baffled why air force players gets invited. They languish in Division 2 for crying out loud. Either they have a special something that only a coach with a keen eye can see, or they have a really good padrino.

    2. "Barbaso is a hard nosed defender"

      BS he is!! During the Peace Cup, Weiss basically admitted that he included Barbaso because of public demand rather than being a "hard nosed defender". He gave him two starts and was shit throughout! That hasn't changed!

      "I think Dooley did a good job of scouting these players"

      How do you know Dooley is responsible for selecting all these players?? You even say that there are questionable players which contradicts the notion that he did a good job of scouting them! It's quite clear Palami or whoever has influence when they shouldn't!!

    3. Either way, this is still only a training squad and its far too big to be considered a final one. Most of these players (atleast 10 or more) will have to make way for the European based Azkals. And if you look at it that way it isnt bad if the coach wants to look at the players and get a good impression of what they can and cant do. My guess is that Barbaso as well as most of the Airforce players will have to go.

    4. Obviously it's a training squad! lol! Even for a training squad, you'd still expect the best and/or in-form players to be part of it (domestic based). But even then there are inconsistencies and again it makes you question whether this training squad was solely picked by Dooley or if Palami whoever is interfering.

  5. 9 players did not show up for Friday`s training...

    1. Who would these players be? I'm sure they will be the first ones to complain that locals don't get a break.

    2. Oh c'mon, give them a break. It sounds your a jealous player who couldn't crack in the national team line up before and then here you are barking at those division 2 players who are called for by the Azkals new coach. Stop the hate even if Palami calls the shots , You can't stop those players if they fit in the system of play for Dooley..

  6. some of them are playing UFL match today...