04 September 2013

Stallion FC press release

To contradict all the lies that reporters have been writing about StallionFC players, I would like to announce the ff:

1. Rufo Sanchez is not a free agent, and has an existing contract with StallionFC.
2. We released Joaco Cañas to Loyola Meralco sparks. This is not a loan but a permanent move.
3. We also released Joo Young Lee and Lee Won Hyung to LMSFC.
4. We released Daniel Matsunaga, Joven Bedic, and Mark Rivera to Kaya FC. In return we signed Junior Muñoz from Kaya FC.
5. We release Jesse Martindale to GAU
6. We released Kim Hyo.
7. We also released Yuuri Ishizuka, who returned to Brazil.
8. We also released Mattias Bonhevi, who returned to the US
9. Jason Cordova returned to Ceres during the season
10. Jason de jong will not be returning to StallionFC

To the players we released, we thank you for everything you have done for our club. You will always be part of the StallionFC family. You are welcome to join us at Giligans anytime. You've helped us win 2 championships, and for that we will always be grateful.

We've added the following players who will make sure we defend both our Cup and league titles.
1. Benjamin Gordon
2. Junior Muñoz
3. Neil Ignacio
4. Oskari Lehtonen
5. Rommel Ongcoy
6. Pedro Merenco
7. Carl Amisola
8. Powel Schnider
9. David Basa
10.Rhante Bayquin
11. Louie Brillantes
12.Reynan Doromal
13. Zaldy Abraham
14. Joevic Albino
15. Dylan Riley
16. Selu Lozano ( returning)
17. OJ Clarino (returning)

Our LOYAL and DEDICATED players are still with us.
1. Ruben Doctora Jr.
2. Bervic Boovic Italia
3. Wilson Muñoz
4. Jeremy Höhn
5. Diego Barrera
6. Hector Zaghi
7. Bobae Park
8. Nathan Alquiros
9. Matthew Nierras
10. Shirmar Felongco
11. Gui Hazegawa ( injured reserve)

Coaching Staff:
Ernie Nierras
Marjo Allado
Richard Bedia
Jesse Sason

We will use the pre-season cup to finalize our roster of 25 players for the UFL CUP and League.

Despite what some stupid writers have been saying and quoting about Rufo and StallionFC, none of them are true. Rufo is not a free agent. Rufo has an existing contract with StallionFC. Before Sept 3, we never received any offers from any club for the services of Rufo.

We are in negotiations with GlobalFC for the services of Rufo Sanchez. Until those negotiations are final, Rufo Sanchez is still a player of StallionFC.

The article written by Roy Moore is again inaccurate and full of hot air. That's the problem when he does not go straight to the source. He never interviewed us or even asked us any questions about Rufo Sanchez or our lineup.

Through all this hoopla with Rufo Sanchez, StallionFC remained quite and professional. We will not be distracted by what biased reporters write about us. We have been purposely training for the past 3 weeks in Barotac Nuevo. Our purpose being, to defend both our titles.

To our faithful and loyal fans, you need not worry. StallionFC will still be playing the same high paced and beautiful football we are known for. We promise that we will do our best to defend both our titles.

We have 18 local players ( 9 are from Barotac Nuevo), and 9 foreign players currently on our roster.

We believe that we have the right ratio of foreign and local players. We also believe that the quality of our players, and the consistency of our coaching staff, as well as the all out support of the club owners, will allow us to add more stars to our logo.



  1. Damn! Game on! Hothead Ernie is furious! LOL

  2. In fairness to Mr. Nierras everything he said is factual. Can''t blame him if he is furious with all the false reporting.

    1. Yeah, but he should know, thats what journalists do from time to time. But Global has actually announced on their very own website that they indeed have signed Rufo.

      So. Who is telling the truth, and who is talking bull?

    2. If you actually read the articles it shows the UFL announced Rufo in the Global squad list and Global announced the signing themselves. In fairness to Mr. Nierras if he's calling the journalists liars, he's calling the UFL and Global liars too.

  3. If Mr. Nierras files a criminal case of "breach of contract" against Sanchez and Global FC, then that would be very interesting.