15 September 2013

UFL Pre-season Cup - Sunday

UFL Pre-Season Cup Sunday

6 pm Navy FC vs U23 Azkals

Phil. Navy FC Starting XI: Calumpang, Caminos, Carino, Claridad, Cornel, Dacera, Dimzon, Gunda, Inquig, Parong & Rosalia Jr.

"The U23 Azkals failed to field their Starting XI upon kick-off, Referee declared the match in favored of Phil. Navy FC"

8 pm Kaya vs Forza Fc

Kaya FC

Starting XI: Matias Alvarez, Kenshiro Michael, Saba Garmaroudi (GK), Chris Greatwich, Toshiya Hosoe, Fabien Lewis, Andrew Liauw, Edward Mallari, Emmanuel Mbata, Janrick Soriano & Antonio Ugarte

Kaya FC - Subs: Scott Baginsit, Anton Del Rosario, Daniel Matsunaga, Nicholas O'Donnell, Masanari Omura, OJ Porteria, Ralph Porteria, Mark Rivera & Chris Arceo

Forza FC

Starting XI: David Adebando, Allan Auman Jr., Florencio Badelic Jr. (GK), Ruben Biomla, Ronie Espinosa, Jangoban Johnson, Robert Lopez Mendy, Armandou Ngom & Ronald Tamsi

0-0 FT


  1. Any info on why the U23 failed to show up?

    1. U23 was at Emperador Stadium but coach Reid refused to play because in his opinion the pitch was unplayable due to heavy rain.

    2. tama lang decision ng coach dahil injury prone yung field lalo na armed forces kalaban nila. ok na hindi risk yung health ng mga players

    3. WTF! LOL!

      When is an artificial field injury prone. When it rains? NO! Maybe if there is a typhoon, or suddenly it got cold and the field froze over and ice covered the field, but from rain? No, no and NO! I have myself played on artificial turf in different conditions, from heavy rains, to heavy snow. This is pure BS! Are the coaches and the players SISSIES?! Seems like it.

      And to say that its dangerous to play against the armed forces. Geez, come on! If they wanna play international football they need to deal with teams who play tough. They need to buff up and take the challenge. These guys are supposed to be the future, but how can they be when they dont wanna play when it rains or against a team with some tough players. BS here, there and everywhere!

  2. Just proves that this tournament and "football alliance" is a fucking farce!!!

    It's just like the foreign player limit. They implement something last minute without much thought and the rules/regulations aren't clear or are flat out non-existent!! In this, the tournament was pretty much last minute and then regarding the U23's, it's not clear which players will play for their clubs and which for the U23's and then you end up getting a no-show. BS!! Seriously can't wait til the PFF launches the national league to replace the farce that is ufl!!!

    1. Explain to me how a coach can be of the opinion that an ARTIFICIAL PITCH is not playable? And what has the PFF done better than the UFL in the last few years? RMS has always been unplayable, every league they set up fell apart after a year, they give the national team coach a contract for only three months and ban a player for an entire year not only in the national team but in the league as well, a league over which they have absolutely no authority. The PFF aren't much better than the UFL and they are filled with blabber mouths that talk more instead of actually doing something. Don't expect too much of them.

    2. Football in philippines, kung gano ka banban at lampa, ganun kadada mga fans na di alm ang off side lol

  3. Yung azkals ksma ng younghusbands sa araneta. Pinanood si derrick rose. Mg bsketball n lng dw sila pra mktikim ng world cup at olympics