14 September 2013

AFF Women - Myanmar 5-1 Philippines


AFF Women`s Championship in Myanmar

Myanmar vs Philippines

3 min 1-0 Myanmar
21 min 2-0 Myanmar
37 min 3 -0 Myanmar
3-0 HT
53 min 4-0 Myanmar
75 min 4-1 Houplin , Philippines
85 min 5-1 Myanmar
5-1 FT


  1. So they're out. Can't help but shake my head and then laugh!!!

    Ever since 2011, Nierras has been saying how the aim was to reach the finals. That year he even said something about him being pissed off. lol!

    So that's three straight editions of the tournament where they failed to get out of the group despite him harping on about reaching the finals. This time around, he even said that the squad he has is even better than 2012, yet they failed yet again!! There has been considerable hype as well going into this tournament which makes it more ridiculous!!

    Bottom line.... people need to learn to seriously STFU!!!! This goes for expectations and bigging up the team (whichever team it is)!!

    1. I think there is a need for a change for the WMNT. Out with Ernie. I dont know anything about the team, except that most of the better players are busy in the US, but I found it strange that Ernies daughter is the captain of the team.

      Btw, Ernie has posted an apology on FB. Hahaha

      Whats even more funny is that they lost to Japan, 4-1 or something, but they think its a huge improvement from 10 years ago, but this time they only played for a U23 selection team.

    2. Ya, saw the FB post. It also looks like he's trying to save face! lol!!!

      Prior to the 2011 edition, he said that he was in the process of finding his replacement as WNT head coach. Fast forward to now and he's STILL in charge! lol!!!

      Strange that he named his own daughter as captain?? It's not strange anymore, it's BS! It's not the first time he's shown bias towards his own kids!!

      Japan's team isn't even an U23 team, it's an U20 selection with two over age players!!

  2. Hahaha, the so improved team (even some solid players missing) failed again.........I know why they shouldn't get a slot for the SEA games as they suck badly......a waste of money (flight tickets, accomodation etc.)...just give this money to poor families for food or to the victims of the typhoon(s).....that's a better investment

  3. Ha ha ha ano ba to KKK Kapatid Kamag anak Kaibigan incorporation? Anak ang captain ha ha ha


  4. Nauuna kasi ang salita bago ang gawa kaya expectation tuloy ng mga tao mataas. Pero pag hindi naman aabot ang team mo sa sinasabi mo ikaw ang babalikan. Huwag masyadong bungangero Ka Ernie..