29 September 2013


POC-PSC Task Force SEA Games has officially removed U23 Azkals from the Philippine delegation to the 2013 SEA Games to be held in Myanmar.

 The decision of the task force is highly commendable. It shows that performance truly trumps influence. Despite the numerous appeals of PFF and the write-ups of Azkals-friendly sports writers, the dismal performance of the squad in recent years created the greatest impact among the members of the task force. Thus, the decision not to include the squad in the regional tournament.

What PFF and some fans refuse to see and acknowledge is the shame that the U23 Azkals brought to the country in the last SEA Games. Aside from finishing dead-last, the U23 Azkals gave considerable shame to the country with their off-the-pitch behavior. For the first time in Philippine sports history, a team captain of a national squad abandoned his team in the middle of an international tournament. Several members of the team too engaged in behavior so unbecoming of national athletes. Hotel personnel, POC and PSC officials only know too well what some of the players did during the last SEA Games.

While I am for the development of football in the country, I too am particular with the leaders and players behind the sport. It is probably time to determine whether these leaders or players truly deserve the country's support.

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