21 September 2013

Cebu back in UFL

AFTER skipping last year’s edition, Cebu Queen City United will return to the UFL Cup this year, hoping for a better showing from its inaugural run in 2011.
According to Raffy Musni, Cebu Queen City was supposed to play in the Smart Club Championships but decided to join the UFL Cup at the last minute. Unlike in 2011, when the hastily-formed club had less than three weeks to prepare and lost all matches, Musni said they have better chances this year.
“We have a fighting chance because of the new rule on foreigners,” said Musni. “Teams can only have five foreigners in the lineup and only three can play.”
The team has been practicing regularly and also had a friendly with UFL squad Manila All-Japan last month.
The team will still be led by coach Mario Ceniza and Allan Medalle and will also have some of their regulars during their first stint in the UFL Cup.
Among those suiting up anew for the club are Junard Aguilar, Ariel Cahilig, Dan Villarico, Rene Menchavez, Rommel Cuizon, Marion Cubelo, Lemar Baunsit, Frederick Isic and goalkeeper Charles Villarta.
“We also have a player from Ivory Coast,” said Musni, whose team finished third in the UFL second division before withdrawing from last season.
Cebu Queen City is in Group A with Green ARchers United Glob, Forza FC, Cimarron FC and Manila Jeepney, while teams in Group B are Loyola, Philippine Air Force, Agila FC, Gen. Trias and teams in Group C are Global, Ceres, Pasargad, Philippine Navy and Manila Tala FC.
Teams in Group D are defending champion Stallion, Philippine Army, Dolphins United and Blue Guards FC, while those in Group E are Pachanga, Team Socceroo, Laos FC, Mendiola FC and Bright Star. Group F will have Kaya FC, Union, Manila All-Japan and the Manila Hurricanes.

Published in the Sun.Star Cebu newspaper on September 22, 2013


  1. Sabi max 5 foreigners on the pitch + 2 foreigners with 5-year permanent residency sa philippines ang puedeng i-field ng isang team, so may 4 locals pa. Pero di pa naman naglalagay ng foreigners limit sa rosters. Division 1 lang ang foreign player limit at di pa applicable sa Div. 2

  2. They have better chance because there is a limit in the number of imports? Lol. That's ridiculous. Was it not the biggest issue this team had was logistics? Unfortunately that still would remain true unless they will uproot to the Manila area. The cost of traveling and other stuff would still be a burden and not the opposing number of imports. I hope they have that taken care of so that they don't end up standing up other teams that is suppose to play against them. Lol. Seriously, there is no guarantee that this team will stick to their end of the deal where they play the entire season. I hope the UFL studied this more carefully before reinstating this team back into the mix. I just hope that this time they have their house in order. :D

    1. I think this only goes for the Cup, as Ceres FC have the same or similar problems concerning travel costs etc. Both of them will only join the league once this improves or the league becomes a national one.

    2. Grabeh expert ang talins. Siya lang cguro nakafigure out nyan

    3. Dude, theyre cebuanos! Their confidence level is very high. They think theyre the best no matter what. Hehe

    4. hahaha. Anonymous 16:28, probably does not know the concept of commenting. This is merely a medium to state one's opinion. Now, nowhere in the leading comment thread where the person stated or credited himself as what you call an "expert", yet you, out of nowhere, sarcastically, labelling his comment as an "expert" opinion? Not to mention a hint of attitude? Perhaps you are right about one thing, however, is that yes indeed he/she must be "talins" for he/she actually has something sensible to say. Now I cannot say the same thing about you from what your comment tells me about you so far.

    5. Cge pa, labas pa kayo mga keyboard warriors!

  3. the quitters are back. lol