13 September 2013

FIFA World Ranking - Philippines remaining at number 141

FIFA World Ranking for September was released today.

Philippines staying at number 141.


139 Thailand -2
141 Philippines -
153 Vietnam +3
159 Singapore -4
161 Malaysia +1
162 Myanmar +2
170 Indonesia -1
172 Laos -
182 Brunei +1
182 Timor-Leste +1
199 Cambodia -


  1. Congratulations to Coach Weiss and Dan Palami. I remember the days when the Philippines was ranked a notch above Timor Leste... There's still a lot of room for the Azkals to improve on so for the Federation officials: Please stay with the program as you have been doing for the last few years.... Way to go Azkals!

  2. its interesting as well that some of our opponents in the AFC challenge cup are quite higher ranked than our team like Afghanistan (new SAFF champion 2013), Tajikistan or Turkmenistan....we are by far no favourites in this upcoming event like some people believe. this will be quite tough for us and you need a lot of luck and skill as well to succeed.

  3. Now that were ranked higher than our powerhouse South East Asian neighbors , I think we should now focus on winning a tournament outside our own soil.

    1. And you take these rankings seriously?!? LOL!! It's fact that our ranking flatters to deceive!!

    2. this ranking is a nice gimmick, nothing more. just play tournaments and you know how strong your team is......up to now the azkals haven't won any serios tournament with good opponents...so let's see next year....i guess they will face a big disappointment at the Challenge cup

    3. Even our youth teams cannot win a single game against our neighbors in AFF (except Brunei of course) and we are up in ranking. Whatta Joke PFF !!!

    4. bat ba may mga taong naninira? ang ayos ayos ng comment nila, pinapakita lang nila suporta nila tas papakealaman nyo

    5. @Anonymous 14 September 2013 13:35

      Oh stfu you goody-goody!!

    6. Oh stfu you goody-goody!!