08 September 2013

Palami upbeat as Global kicks off campaign

Global boss Dan Palami is no stranger to playing dual roles for the club.
He's been player and manager at the same time and also held the coaching job two seasons ago.
Back on the Global bench after allowing Brian Reid to focus on his role with the national Under-23 team, Palami is raring to start the season when the club tries to regain glory.
Palami, who led Global to its maiden first division league title in 2012, is upbeat as Global starts its pre season campaign against Laos.
"We’ve been preparing hard for the tournament, not just for preseason but also for Singapore Cup and the UFL Cup and the Smart Club Championships," said Palami.
"I think the players are raring to get into the pitch for a real match. We’ve primed them for the competitions. We’ll be performing quite well."
Global recently beefed up their lineup by adding Rufinho Sanchez from Stallion and Mark Hartmann from Loyola Meralco. Paul Mulders with Angel Guirado are also returning to the club.
With the arrival of the new players for Global, Palami still expects that Global firepower will not be dependent only to Sanchez and Izzo El-Habbib.
"With how the team has been preparing, we made sure that the options are not limited to just the two of them, so they should be ready with surprises because what they give is they open the door for others as well."
Despite being the winningest coach in Global's history, Palami hopes that his players will be up to the task after losing the title to Stallion last season.
"We faltered a bit last time, but it’s all about the preparation and my role as the coach fro the preseason tournament is basically to take charge of the game and ensure we optimize how the players perform, but it should still be a reflection of how they have been preparing."

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