15 September 2013

AFF U19 Championship : Philippines 1-4 Cambodia

AFF U19 Championship today

Philippines 1-4 Cambodia
26 min 1-0 Philippines
1-0 HT
50 min 1-1 Cambodia
62 min 1-2 Cambodia
81 min 1-3 Cambodia
90 min 1-4 Cambodia
1-4 FT

Laos 1-3 Timor-Leste

Updated standings :

1. Laos 9 points
2. Timor-Leste 7 points
3. Singapore 4 points
4. Cambodia 0 points
5. Philippines 0 points


  1. Ito ba yung Kanga Cup champion? Walang hiya kahit sino pala puede mag champion don sa Kanga Cup

  2. Yeah, you're right. Last June this team went to Australia and got the silverware but they played against club teams across asia and not national teams. It proves to me that without long term youth development programs wherein every 2 months the team will meet and train in one place then our campaign will be futile in every tournament.

    1. The problem is, that after the Kanga Cup, when they sweeped their opponents, they thought they were really good. Just look at the comments from the coaches etc. They didnt play against teams from all over Asia either.

      Send them to Norway Cup, Dana Cup, Gothia Cup etc and you will see with your own eyes that these guys wont do well.

  3. That's for sure. Think of it this way. In developed football countries at least 50% of kids play as soon as they're old enough to kick a ball. What's the percentage in these islands? - 0.05%?

  4. look how Timor Leste progressed in all age levels within a few years....seems they have a much better strategy in terms of development football than we have

  5. Yep, but Timor Leste was a Portuguese colony until 1975 so football was already a national sport before Indonesia tried to wreck the island and its Catholic people. Since U.N. mandated independence in 2002 it has been free to do its own thing and do it well.
    Uncle Sam had no interest in soccer while he was here and that's the cross football fans still have to bear.

  6. You can't recruit the best players if monetary consideration is one one of the basis for selection of players. That's how it goes in the selection of Philippine National Youth Teams.