15 September 2013

YouTube : AFF Women Myanmar vs Philippines


  1. change this girl pretending to be a goal keeper....running clueless in the box....plus the non-existing defense........

  2. Goal 1 - Gk was caught flat footed on a free kick. Wow!!!

    Goal 2- You have 3 defenders all in the middle within 10-15 ft of each other vs 3 attackers. As if defending 1v1 isnt hard enough, the defensive spacing was poor.

    Goal 3 - Really? Why punch it, GK?? There was no one around you.

    Goal 4 - Again with the 3 attackers! Hey Coach..how about dropping a 4th defender back there to help out!!

    Goal 5 - Hey defender...the ball is in the box..why go side by side with your opponent and make it it easy for her to roll off the far side and have a shot at goal. You are in the box..keep your player in front of you and get between her and the goal. C'mon keeper..leaving your six when the opponent is at close range?

    1. That gimmick 3-6-1 cant defend any opposing formation that has 3 attackers. Give it up.

  3. The owner of this website should post the latest video from this game. It highlights the many scoring chances the Philippines had in the game.

    The GK, Palacios....What can you say...She was bad. Personally I think she's played her last game with the WNT. Sources close to the team have informed me that Dull will play GK in the last game.

  4. Unfortunately games are not won by the number of opportunities. Many championships, in any sport, have been won with few opportunities. Games are won by whoever can make the most out of those opportunities. Until then, its nothing more than just a simple bullet point.

    The defensive structure of the team is only part of a bigger problem starting with the coach. Unfortunately for the team, the coach is a funding source. That means nepotism and favoritism will continue to play its part. The GK situation is among the many products of that misfortune.