28 January 2013

Sta Lucia Stallion FC - 2013 team roster for UFL

Sta. Lucia Stallion FC Team Roster for 2013 League

Doctora, Ruben Jr
Italia, Bervic
Muñoz, Wilson
Cañas, Juaquin
Sanchez, Rufino
Dejong, Jason
Kim, Hyo
Park, Bo Bae
Lee, Won Hyung
Hohn, Jeremy
Martindale, Jessy Michael
Lestingio, Jomar
Bolei, Prince
Etoundi, Jerome
Matsunaga, Daniel
Santos, Bruno
Allado, Marjo
Zaghi, Hector
Wolf, Andrew
Ishizuka, Yuuri
Ide, Fabio
Muraoka, Hideo
Rivera, Mark
Espinosa, Ronnie
Lee, Joo Young

Friendly matches this week :

Wed 10-12 noon vs Loyola @ BGC
Friday 7-9am vs Global to be confirmed tomorrow
Saturday 7-9pm vs Nomads @ Nomads 


  1. Huh? So Sta Lucia and Stallions merged to create Sta Lucia Stallions? I thought Sta Lucia was going to be Stallions "second team" or sister team in the second Division much like Agila for Loyola, Laos for Global or Forza for the Archers.

  2. yes, but then Sta Lucia did not get a spot in UFL div 2 and now they have merged..

    1. Aaah ok. But if Sta Lucia did not get a spot in div 2 does that mean that Gen Trias didn't get one as well?

  3. Fabio ide? The brapanese model

  4. What teams that will be playing in UFL Div 2 should be known today. I know Manila All Japan will be there. Sunken Garden out ? If so one spot in Div 2 is available ?