31 January 2013

AFC Women`s Asian Cup qualifiers in Bangladesh

The AFC Womens Asian Cup 2014 qualifiers Group B first round matches will be held in Dhaka from 21-25 May 2013.
In Group B four teams- Thailand, Iran, Philippines and host Bangladesh will face each other round robin league basis.

Bangladesh will face Thailand on 21st May, Iran on 23rd May and Philippines on 25th May.

All matches will be played in Bangabandhu National Stadium.
Source : Bangladesh FA website

Philippines matches :

21 May vs Iran
23 May vs Thailand
25 May vs Bangladesh


  1. This tournament is also a qualifier for World Cup 2015. Hopefully the talent discovered at the California training camp will be available for Bangladesh. We'll see whether the PFF is willing to pay the airfare from North America. I am certain that Thailand is well aware that they could be facing a completely different team than they have faced in the past and will be reviewing news reports from the Malditas next training camp. Good luck Malditas. Now go get your passports!

  2. If Ernie "I am so pissed" Nierras is handling this team, lets not expect too much.

  3. He will be handling this team :(

  4. Well the Stallions won and the Malditas won the LA Vikings Cup. It seems Ernie is on a winning streak. If the California players go to Bangladesh the Malditas will be very difficult to beat. Ernie's biggest problem will be to decide which strikers to start. They have several very talented goal scorers and a world class keeper. Thailand has a strong national team program. It will be a great contest with the chance to move onto the AFC and World Cup on the line.

    1. stallions and malditas won because of the players. kung ganyan talaga kagaling si nierras, dati pa lang napapa champion na niya ang malditas! may support man or wala. hindi puro palusot

    2. Yan ang tumpak na sagot. He didnt even know the US players long enough to really coach them. Dahil talagang magagaling na sila kaya sila nanalo. And that was due to their NCAA training. Dont let that get into his already inflated ego.

  5. So we agree that if he has good players he will have success. He has seen teams made up of young players who didn't start playing until they were 13 years old get beaten. And yet he has perservered despite the setbacks. The men have been funded to fly in players and have foreign training camps and international matches. If the WNT has success in Bangladesh Ernie will deserve credit for years of dedication to women's football despite the lack of support from the PFF over the years. There would be no WNT if not for Ernie.

    1. dedication para sa support sige bigay naten yan. pero coaching? wala! zero! ang magaling na coach kayang magdevelop ng player from zero! ang dali dali mag bigay ng suporta kahit sinong mayaman na tao kayang mag bigay ng sponsor para sa team

    2. Clearly we dont agree because you seem to confuse dedication with good-coaching skills. I will give him that, he is dedicated, but a good coach he isnt. I think the problem most people have is his lack of humility. Obviously he doesnt have the coaching ability to develop players. If the success of the PWNT rests entirely on the US/Canadian players, maybe its better not to have a national team at this point in time.

    3. They are all FILIPINAS. I don't see the Germans or PFF funding anybody else to coach the WNT. It really doesnt matter how good a coach he is. He has his licence and he works for free. If they win yes he will deserve credit. If they lose he will accept the blame. Anybody who wants to replace him should get their licences, quit their jobs, and put their own money into the team. Players are developed from the age of 5 in North America. Ernie is not responsible for the fact that girls in the Philippines don't start playing until high school.

    4. Point #1:
      No one ever questioned his dedication. In fact, I even applauded it. However, dedication is not the problem. If you take a bit of time and check out what the strong concensus is whenever his name is mentioned in any of the threads here, its that he is arrogant despite lacking the ability to develop a winning team. We are a country of humble people, and humility is much appreciated here. He can do himself a great personality makeover simply by keeping his mouth mostly shut.

      Point #2:
      "It really doesnt matter how good a coach he is" - Really? What sport do you follow?. ALL sports rely on good coaching to achieve continued success. Do you really think all those good players they've found in the US or Canada were just naturally awesome players? Of course not! Sure they have natural talent, but they are largely products of years of good coaching. Any team made up of terrific players will inevitably deteriorate and prove unsuccessful if poorly coached long enough. Good coaches inspire players to take their game to the next level. Players do not find inspiration in coaches who oversell a team and make excuses. This, sadly, is the perception that most people seem to have of him.

  6. Yung 2012 Viking Cup nanalo na nga ang WNT at dapat lang kasi yung mga kalaban nila (3) ay lahat club teams, Leon, Metro Stars, Cosmos. Ang Pilipinas lang ang national team.Yung ibang mga national team nag back out pero dapat din icredit ang WNT.

  7. Ernies daughter is a very good soccer player and is technically and tactically sound. I am assuming Ernie was her coach-dad from a very young age so i will put my money where my mouth is and say from what i've seen he lets the players play and gives instruction on the sideline. When players do wrong he immediately is up off the bench to comment.

    A lot of coaches are loud mouth SOB's and interrupt players instead of letting them play. The reason they're yelling is because their team is losing and their teams lose because they yell. Players become frozen stiff and afraid to make mistakes. The only teams that succeed under this coaching scenario are the mentally tough ones who have been together and put up with that kind of coach for many years. This Cinderella team is young and not ready for that kind of coach yet. Ernie is the ideal "kind of coach" for them right now.

    The atmosphere around this team is like "a very tight knitt family", as all Filipino families are. It is very unusual for a WNT program but that is the atmosphere he has created which i applaud. Thats probably why they will succeed and are successful. Sometimes great coaches come in different forms and the social aspect of them gets the best out of the players. All players at this level already have the skill set to go out and perform and dont even need a coach on the side lines. But to have one which binds them together as a team is the KEY !!!!
    Ernie must do this well because he only had them for hardly a week and they played like a team who had been together for months.

    Now stop "BLOWING OFF YOUR HORN" about this coach as this team is just beginning and does not need any negative commments such as yours. If your a Filipino you should act like one and support your country.

    This team is unknown and isn't expected to do anything. But when they do LOOK OUT because i believe they have the talent to go very far.

    Having followed the US & Canadian WNT's since the players were U14yrs old we witnessed Canada almost upsetting the US last year in the world cup. The players they have are not superstars except for a couple. They all played NCAA Division I.

    Lets start talking positive things about this great team and watch them conquer the AFC's.

    I predict a WORLD CUP entry for this exciting new team.