17 April 2012

Whatever happened to the complaint vs Azkals?

By Manolo R. Iñigo
Philippine Daily Inquirer

I AM JUST wondering what happened to the sexual harassment complaint filed by former Philippine Olympic Committee president Cristy Ramos against Philippine Azkals players Lexton Moy and Angel Guirado.
Beyond a shadow of doubt, the Azkals—composed mostly of overseas-based players with Filipino roots—gave the sport of football here new meaning, respect and appreciation. But this does not give them the right to abuse Filipino womanhood.
Cristy, daughter of former President Fidel V. Ramos and topnotch football player during her prime, filed the sexual harassment complaint with the Asian Football Federation (AFC). She also assailed team captain James Younghusband for his failure to discipline his teammates. “He didn’t do anything. I hope he teaches his players to behave well.”
Serving as AFC commissioner in the recent Philippines-Malaysia friendly match which ended in a 1-all draw at the historic Rizal Memorial Stadium, Ms. Ramos alleged (while inside the dugout before the game) that some players ridiculed her, “with one player disrespectfully asking for the size of her brassiere, which was followed by a roar of laughter.”
Another player, Cristy claimed, appeared before her half-naked during a pregame inspection in violation of ethical norms.
The former President said he and his wife, former First Lady Ming Ramos, agreed with the position their daughter had taken on the issue, noting that Cristy had held various positions in sports, both as a player and as a sports official.
“She sure knows what she’s talking about,” stressed Mr. Ramos.
“The players should behave,” added Ming. Nakakahiya ang (it’s demeaning for a) Filipino.”
Sen. Pia Cayetano, chair of the Senate Committee on Youth, Women and Family Relations, said: “Sexual harassment must not be tolerated anytime, anywhere. Such acts should not go unpunished.
“I call for an immediate investigation of this incident…not only because this is a serious allegation made by match commissioner Cristy Ramos, who is a sports official, but also because the Azkals are looked up to as modern-day heroes and role models.”
Former Rep. Imee Marcos, who is also another Presidential daughter, wrote in her Bulgar newspaper column that the Azkals have yet to prove their worth in world-class football. She asked: Has overnight success gone into their heads?
Even though the Azkals landed third in the recent Asian Football Confederation Cup in Nepal and subsequently improved in the Fifa (International Football Federation) rankings from 151 to 148, Ms. Marcos appeared to be not pleasantly happy and decried the media hype and aggressive propaganda machine of the Azkals.
To be blunt about it, certain Azkals players should be thankful to the officials and members of the Philippine Football Federation, who made their stint here possible.
What was their livelihood before coming over? Can they honestly sing the Philippine National Anthem? Were they gainfully employed back home?
On the sexual harassment complaint, team manager Dan Palami had already apologized, but the governing body for world football would do well to crack the whip.



  1. With regards to your opinion, it sounds like you NEED PUBLICITY, ATTENTION and media exposure, if you are really wanted to know the result why don't you explained all your opinion to PSC, PFF and AFC office and bring all your questions about the issues?????

    Your refreshing the story... again and again and again... special mentioning the politicians for what ???????? election 2013... obvious..

    I appreciate your effort if you do it professionally visit and talk to the right persons and bring back the result spread the news to the whole world right?

    Mikisawsaw rin lang yong makatutuhanan naman....not because of crab mentality

    Thnk you..

  2. Luma na Ito. Lol. Move forward na kasi alam na sa lahat ang katotohanan. How about ang mga complaints against Cristenga Ramos noon ano na ba ang nangyari sa mga yun? Ilan ba ang binayad ng mga corrupt na pamilya sa iyo para mag sulat ng basura?

    1. Footbol A CRABS Team

      S-Shantoos Rhea


      For once and for all...CLEAR....?
      Joke: IPIS ka ba???
      Joke: Bakit?
      Joke: Sarap mo sapatusin....

  3. probably some so called journalists have too much time to dig again in that bullshit....focus on more important things

  4. Bat di nya tanungin si cedelf tupas, parehas silang taga inquirer, wala na kasing maisulat eh.

  5. Kaya nga. Identical yung sinulat niya sa previous article niya tungkol sa issue. Kay daling maging columnist sa pinas. Sana malagutan na ng hininga yan Manolo ihi ng kabayo Inigo na yan.

  6. "Can they honestly sing the Philippine National Anthem?"

    Fil-European Azkals participate in Lupang Hinirang-singing contest

    Do you even do research sir? Or did journalistic racism in this country reached a new low with you and Clavio?

    journalistic racism, yes there's such a term, google it

    1. This journalist, don't knew what he is doing, but one thing in my mind is because there are many up-coming busy schedules of the AZKALS this June 2012, and so, he want to ride the popularity of our AZKALS ...PITY ON YOU JOURNALIST.

      POOR journalist, need attention...I advice you dear, make your own "GOOD IMAGE" if any, by doing not to put down anybody's reputation

      All you want are gone through to a process and right procedures..Wait and see..(open your eyes..you live in the Philippines)alam mo kung paano tumakbo ang mabilis man o mabagal ang iyong ina-abangan na serulta...OK..?? for you...

      LOOK at yourself on the mirror, and you'll find what you are looking for....

      GO AZKALS....put this journalist inside the net...GIVE him a perfect strike...GOAL....


  7. To be blunt about it, will Mr. Ingio make similar statements about Philippino professionals, such as doctors, nurses, engineers, and technicians working overseas?

    Keep repeating a lie, and there bonds to be people believing in it. Look up into the sky, others will follow.

    PI has been done most harm, NOT by the common people, but people who are connected, who are in power and want to stay in power. Unfortunately, there are media lap dogs who enjoys to be their enuchs. Remeber decades ago, there was few true voices in the media. And it is extreme nfortunate that this one single lap dog keep on barking for his fears, and wanting to protect the pride, the glory, and the future of statehood for PI(actually, his owners' manergeries). Help, call Caeser MILAN, we need the Dog Whisperer to rehabilitate him, and train his owners to be calm and assertative "leaders".

  8. Nakakatawa naman tong mga pulitiko na to (FVR & Imee Marcos). Lalakas ng loob magsabi na "win some games" and "haven't made a mark in world football", e wala naman natanggap na suporta ang team sa gobyerno o sa mga pulitiko na yan kahit kelan. Nasaan sila nung hirap ang team? Tapos kung kelan sikat, saka papapel ang mga mokong na kala mo alam ang pinagsasabi, hindi naman.

    1. Hindi lang yon, akala kasi nila na papatulan pa sila ng mga pinoy, natoto na po ang mga Pilipino...kung mag salita di man lang nila inisip na ang Pilipinas ang pina kamatagal na meyembro sa Football world.. naging kulilat lang dahil napabayaan for how many years...

      ngayon bumangon at muling sumikat not only in the Philippines but in SEA, ASIA and even in the whole world..

      Recently, our Philippine Football- AZKALS make another history in the AFC CC 2012 then sabihin nilang "haven't made a mark in world football" bulag ka ba or nag bubulag-bulagan? Bingi ka ba? or nag bibingi-bingian?.. nakakatawa ka naman...

      kung gusto mong sumakay...sakay na...sa kasikatan ng AZKALS...wag na lang mag pahalata....isama mo lahat ng pamilya mo..."TRAPO"...

      Azkals had no time and never to waste the time for the garbage issues.. anymore...manigas kayo sa ingit...ganoon na nga....

      Aabangan ko kayo sa elections 2013,..lalabas din ang katutuhanan...gutom sa media exposure...